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Campus Climate Neutral Campus Climate Neutral is an ambitious and unprecedented grassroots effort to mobilize US graduate students across disciplines to design and implement aggressive, global, climate solutions.

Given the Right Inspiration, Motivation, and Opportunities Young People Can Do Revolutionary Things: 

Given the Right Inspiration, Motivation, and Opportunities Young People Can Do Revolutionary Things At 22, Bill Gates left college to found Microsoft At 27, Henry Ford II took over the reins of Ford and hired the Whiz Kids Working in Europe and the US, a group of young physicists made serious contributions to splitting the atom.

This Generation’s Tasks: 

This Generation’s Tasks Reduce Emissions by 90% in 45 Years Lead the Next Industrial Revolution Revolutionize the Power Sector Revolutionize the Transportation Sector Change Societal Patterns of Consumption Overcome Political Differences

What is Climate Neutrality: 

What is Climate Neutrality Climate Neutral Network 60-70%+ Reductions in GHGs + Offsets Oberlin 2020 Climate Neutral Events 2002 - Olympic Games in Salt Lake City 2004 – Democratic National Convention 2006 - Superbowl

Why Climate Neutrality?: 

Why Climate Neutrality? To get to 90%+ reduction in GHGs To get institutions, municipalities, and states to think about long-term, whole-systems carbon-constrained plans To get campuses and campus towns to make the explicit link to Global Warming - the largest problem of our generation.


Goals Generate thousand of hours of research towards climate/sustainability solutions Support and catalyze existing climate and sustainability initiatives. Institutionalize and manage ongoing campus GHG reduction projects Educate and train the next generation of world leaders & citizens


Components Managing Multiple Energy States State Climate Summits States of ZEN (Zero Emission Nation) Climate Policy Projects Climate Neutral Consulting & Research

Why California?: 

Why California? Progressive State on Climate Governor’s Initiative History of Progressive Environmental Work CCAR, Pavley Legislation UC System Unmatched Receptive Public

Why UCSB?: 

Why UCSB? Donald Bren School Nobel Prize Winning Professors Country’s Top Graduate Students Multidiscipline Environmental Studies California Students Sustainability Coalition Strong Alumni Presence Facilities Management Engaged Administration Receptive

Why Santa Barbara County?: 

Why Santa Barbara County? County Focus Manageable County of approx. 400,000 Mayor’s Global Warming Initiative Governor’s Initiative CEC’s Fossil Free By 33 Campaign Progressive, Wealthy, Temperate County Proximity to Los Angeles & Hollywood


Components GHG Reduction Plans & Efforts Campus Climate Neutral at UCSB Fossil Free By ’33 & City GHG Reductions Coordinated Climate Neutral Task Force Public Education, Activism, & Advocacy Stop Global Warming Virtual March Cool Home Brief

Hurdles & Solutions: 

Hurdles & Solutions Hurdle: Money Solution: DOE, EPA, Foundations Energy Savings (which become more appealing every day) Hurdle: Consulting Time & Expertise Solution: Graduate Students, DOE, EPA, ICLEI Hurdle: Public Education & Political Will Solution: Progressive Leaders Stop Global Warming Virtual March Outreach to Non-Traditional Community Allies Conservatives, Religious Groups, Corporations

CCN SB County Proposal: 

CCN SB County Proposal Commit to Pursuing Climate Neutrality Create a SB Climate Neutral Task Force Run an Earth Day of Climate Neutrality Recruit Residents to the Virtual March Raise Funds for a SB County Coordinator

Putting CCN in Context: 

Putting CCN in Context Campus Climate Challenge Campaign (EA) Cities for Climate Protection (ICLEI) Climate Protection Awards (EPA) EFS West, US Partnership for the Decade Clinton Global Initiative (Haveford, U of MI, GW) Governor’s Initiative Mayor’s Initiative Virtual March to Stop Global Warming

CCN Targets : 

CCN Targets


WE CAN AND MUST DO THIS!!! Challenge and Opportunity Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation Show me the Money!