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Becoming Ideacentric Making Idea Creation Your Focus Outrageous Innovation™ 2003


Ideas are thoughts and thoughts are fleeting. Ralph Waldo Emerson Plan Scheme Notion Method Concept i·de·a (ī-dē'ə) n. Something, such as a thought or conception, that potentially or actually exists in the mind as a product of mental activity.


Be prepared at all times to catch your ideas. Ideas are like butterflies…. The harder you try to catch them the more elusive and difficult they are to catch.


Idea Vignette – Musical Conception Keith Richard from the Rolling Stones told a story about the creation of their hit "Satisfaction". He said he'd just gotten a cassette tape machine which had just been invented and he used to sleep with his guitar. He got up in the morning and say his tape had run to the end, so he rewound it. He played it and heard the opening riff to "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" - and then followed by 30 minutes of him snoring!".


You can observe a lot by watching. Yogi Berra


Idea Creation Components Experience Vision Discovery Necessity


Idea Mavens & Innovators Famous persons who asked “What If?” Archimedes – ancient mathematician. Johan Gutenberg – inventor of movable type. Leonardo Da Vinci – sculptor, scientist, engineer, architect. Isaac Newton – father of classical physics. William Shakespeare – dramatist and author. Wolfgang Mozart – composer. Charles Darwin – scientist. Thomas Edison – inventor, engineer. Alexander Graham Bell – inventor, engineer Albert Einstein – physicist, scientist. Martin Luther King – human rights activist. Walt Disney – animator, entertainment specialist. ma·ven also ma·vin (mā'vən) . n. A person who has special knowledge or experience; an expert.


Determined, single-minded. Diminished fear of failure. Able & willing to deal with set-backs and obstacles. Thrive despite the environment. Ideacentric Innovator’s Greatest Qualities – Mastering the P’s: Planning to be patiently persistent while passionately pursuing the dream. Common Idea Maven/Innovator Traits I


Innovators are optimists at heart; they capitalize on everything around them, good or bad. The glass is always half-full as opposed to half-empty, When dealt lemons they make lemonade, They look for the silver lining in every cloud……. According to Wolfgang Grulke, founder of FutureWorld think tank and noted futurist, "innovators are unreasonable, restless people for whom the best is never good enough, for whom there is always a better way." “to them there are no imperatives, no rigidly defined boundaries, there are always other ways of seeing the problem”. Common Idea Maven/Innovator Traits II


Idea Vignette – Commercial Invention Thomas Edison used obstacles as catalyst for new ideas. During early career, Edison focused inventive energy on telegraph innovation. Shorted career at Western Union spurs Edison to leave and establish fantastic run as an inventor. Within a few years of leaving Western Union, he created the light bulb, the power plant, the phonograph, and the film projector.


Idea Imagineering Ask “What If?” What if dogs could fly? What if men had babies? What if human life expectancy was 250 years? What if children could run for public office? What if our clothes became our personal computers? What if trash receptacles paid money for your trash? Visioning Imagine how other famous persons would do it? What if trash receptacles paid money for your trash?


“If necessity is the mother of invention, then play is the father.”


Thought Play As an Idea Catalyst “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” - Albert Einstein Shown below is the Roman Numeral seven. By adding only a single line, turn it into eight. VII I Shown below is the Roman Numeral seven. By adding only a single line, turn it into eight. IX S


Thought Play II Think What do John the Baptist and Winnie the Pooh have in common? They both have the same middle name.


Thought Play III Think Easier Mary dropped a sugar cube into her coffee, then lifted it out 2 minutes later intact. How was she able to do this? It was instant coffee and she had not added the water. What question can you never answer “yes” to? Are you dead.


Helpful tips and techniques. Relax, be patient. Rome was not built in a day. Sensitize your ‘Personal Experience Antennae’. Develop an explorer’s mentality. Pay more attention to your surroundings and your daily experiences. Identify a current or historical Idea Maven as a mentor, then study him or her. When you conceive of an idea, Record the idea. Record multiple ideas; the more ideas you have the more likely you will discover a good one. Map the new idea to existing situations, products, or processes. Take steps to visualize realization of the idea. Act to create the innovative product or to execute the innovative process based on the idea. Laugh, play, have fun. Morning, noon, and night. Becoming Ideacentric Outrageous Innovation™ 2003


Becoming Ideacentric Look sharply after your thoughts, They come unlooked for, like a new bird seen in your trees, and, if you turn to your usual task, disappear. Ideas are thoughts and thoughts are fleeting. Unless you make the effort to document your ideas, you'll lose many of them. There's absolutely no way to predict when a great idea is likely to pop into your mind. The only way to reduce the risk of losing it is to be prepared at all times. You can't begin to imagine how many good ideas you have until you document them. Ralph Waldo Emerson


Thank You Questions, Comments………….. Becoming Ideacentric


Thank You Becoming Ideacentric Outrageous Innovation™ 2003

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