Mastering Google My Business in 2019 and Beyond


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Google wants searchers to use their search engine as much and as long as possible, which is why they’ve implemented featured snippets, answer boxes, Google My Business posts and deals, and the knowledge panel – which varies per industry. With that in mind, it is safe to say that GMB will likely play a key role in Google’s ranking factors for 2019. Read more at


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Mastering Google My Business in 2019 and Beyond

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It’s All Starts With a Google My Business Listing Local businesses are always on my mind and nothing makes me happier than helping you help them get found online. This post will give local businesses and agencies alike all the information they need to create claim and optimize a GMB listing in 2019. Let’s get started. A good GMB listing should include all the information on the local business’ website readily available for consumers without having to leave the search engine. After all businesses that provide this information are likely to get a preferential treatment on SERPs. Source :

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Mastering Google My Business in 2019 and Beyond Source :

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Top 3 Tips for Mastering Google My Business in 2019 ❖ Google Cares About GMB. ❖ Leverage GMB for Your Business. ❖ Taking Advantage of Google Posts. Putting It All Together Becoming a proactive user of Google My Business is a great way to help influence how Google presents your business in search results. It’s also a great avenue to show the world and your customers that your reputation matters to you. And at the end of the day customers choose businesses that have great reputations. Google My Business puts you on the road to creating that success. Source:

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The Ultimate Guide To Google My Business ❖ What Is Google My Business ❖ Why Google My Business Matters ❖ How To Create A Google My Business Listing ❖ How To Verify Your GMB Account ❖ How to Claim a Business on Google That is Already Claimed ❖ How To Optimize Your Google My Business Listing ❖ How To Add Photos To Google My Business ❖ How To Post on Google My Business ❖ How To Get Business Reviews On Google My Business Source :

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