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By: Bridgetee (131 month(s) ago)

A-line Sweetheart Bow Applique Lace Train Satin Chiffon Wedding Dress really brings me a lot of good memories. I love the style. It is surely a great art. First of all, the very thing that attracts me is the dark red bow sash. It is so obvious, and it makes the dress very lovely. The cute bow sash set off the waist part of the dress and helps presenting your nice figure. That is the most vivid part of the dress. And when you turn your eyes to the appliqué part, you will find the dress is so romantic. They are just like beautiful pictures. And those lace decorations make the dress become more attractive. What is more, the material is comfortable. All size of the dress is available. You can order it under the guidance of the seller. If you have some questions about the dress, you can also talk to them. They are helpful and patient.

By: Timothynie (132 month(s) ago)

In overall I think the price you pay at SOOBEST is worth it. The things you need to change, if so and even if the tailor services are as much as the dress, are nothing compared to what you would pay for a dress like this in a normal shop. What I liked the most was that these are so simple dresses (I did not want a big wedding dress) for a very good price. So, I encourage people to buy here!!

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A-line Princess Strapless Sash Train Satin Bridesmaid Dress