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Insert a Graphic Punch designer and host Sarah Richardson is famous for blending patterns in unexpected ways -- she chooses a less-is-more approach in this dreamy spa tub at which the areas large punch is provided by alternating bands of watery green and blue glass tile on the showers accent wall Plumber In Vaughan | Toronto Plumbing Company | Emergency Repairs . Keeping the more modern touch small helps it blend seamlessly together with the otherwise traditional toilet.

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Marble Marble and More Marble Designer Mark Williams creates the slipper bathtub the celebrity of this luxurious bath by attaching it into a tile-covered arch under a oversized Palladian window. Larger 9 x 18 Carrara marble tiles surround the window whereas bigger marble subway tiles line the arch. To complete the standard look Mark chose Cararra marble and black granite basketweave tiles for the toilet floor. Set the Focus Although you might mistake the herringbone flooring within this stylish bathroom for timber or possibly a painted detail its really marble that designer Joni Spear had cut into 4-

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inch-wide planks then put in a particular order to make the most of the color contrast between different areas of the rock. Get Creative This contemporary and uber-hip small bathroom made by Brian Patrick Flynn is full of outside-the-box ideas. In the picture pattern on the door created by attaching wood planks to the mosaic tile accent wall that Brian added to brighten up the dressing table area and

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create the walls feel taller. Use Different Tile Shapes in Different Colors San Francisco Bay-area designer Kriste Michelini uses tile to create a divide between the wet and dry areas of the restroom. She experiments with exceptional combinations of tile and utilizes various tile shapes in the exact same marble

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substance to create a feeling of boundless space. Focus on the Details Portland Ore. designer Jessica Helgerson considers the little tiling details can make or break a room. By way of example she discovers it is important to carefully consider where the tile begins and stops. When there isnt a fresh way to terminate the tiling she will often spend the tile all the way up the wall. This bath includes one of Jessica tiles made by Oceanside GlassTile.

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Maintain Floors and Walls the Same With this little bathroom Kriste Michelini creates a luxury hotel feeling by maintaining the ground and wall tiles exactly the same. The whole area is wrapped in a black tile thats offset using a wall-mounted dressing table. Photo courtesy of Kriste Michelini Play With the Trim Options In this bathroom Jessica Helgerson uses a 3 x 6 brick from Pratt and Larsons Simple Solutions which is chosen for the fantastic selection of trim choices. By way of example the tile wainscot has a decorative base and high cap and a different cap is used for the

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border of the tub. She then uses white and black marble hexagon mosaics on the ground creating a decorative edge with the white tile. Photo courtesy of Jessica Helgerson Create a Focal Wall Kriste Michelini suggests putting the shower market on the wall as the shower fixture when tiling a shower. This allows for the main walls to be tiled beautifully with no disruptions or cut outs in the point. Additionally she proposes continuing the restroom floor tile within the shower curb and into the shower pan to expand the ground and keep it clean looking. Inside this bathroom the customer wanted a beachy vibe so Kriste utilizes a mosaic tile on the walls using little white subway tiles on the shower pan. The bottom third of the shower door is frosted for privacy while the shirt is left clear to permit natural sunlight to the shower.

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Photo courtesy of Kriste Michelini Use One Tile for the Entire Space Charleston S.C. designer Cortney Bishop prefers to utilize 1 tile for the whole space for a means to create a cohesive appearance. If the scale of the selected tile is too large to use everywhere Cortney cuts the tile to scale to maintain the continuity and

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then creates a spa-like feel by carrying the tile all the way into the ceiling. Produce a Spa-Like Effect When Cortney was introduced with the challenge of a massive bath she chose to make a light and airy waterfall-like atmosphere. To achieve this she has the glass tiles installed vertically and retains the grout neutral. Bishop says "As a general rule less is more. Using one tile throughout a space gives a cleaner more consistent look." Photo courtesy of

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Cortney Bishop Utilize Tile to Produce Architectural Interest Jessica Helgerson utilizes Dal tile in a 3 x 6 white brick and chooses a thinset rather than a thicker setting bed. Around the sinks the ceiling drops for detailing to create a market that is wholly covered in tile. The flooring is a limestone hexagon pattern that came with more variation than she expected but ended up adding a lot of visual

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attention. Photo courtesy of Jessica Helgerson Pay Attention With her husband Brian artist Edith Heath founded Heath Ceramics at Sausalito Calif. in 1948. Their focus has been on bringing out the natural beauty of this clay. The company still makes tiles using the same manufacturing techniques created by Edith in 1948.

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Photo courtesy of Heath Ceramics Play With Various Shades of the Exact Same Color For a trendy watercolor effect consider using two or three different colors of glazed tile in the same colour family to create a tone-on-

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tone patchwork. Photo courtesy of Heath Ceramics Install Tiles Vertically to Make Height In this modern bathroom the ceramic tiles are installed vertically to emphasize the geometry of this room and give the illusion of height. Additionally by combining different tiles in similar colors you further emphasize the size of the room while

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creating a sense of visual texture. Photo courtesy of Heath Ceramics

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