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Group 5 – Ubiquitous Learning:

Group 5 – Ubiquitous Learning Ali Badri Kathy Alcorn Scotti Hoffman Tiffani Pittman

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Somewhere in the intro slides…. Four Current Options for Ubiquitous Learning


eBooks And Their Implications for Ubiquitous Learning by Ali Badri

Brief History of Publishing:

The first major change in the publishing industry happened in 1450 when a German scientist, Gutenberg, developed the printing machine. The second major revolution happened in beginning of 20 th century when eBooks were developed by Michael S. Hart in 1971. Brief History of Publishing

Types of Books:

Hardcover Books Softcover Books eBooks iBooks (Interactive Books) Types of Books

Virtual Classrooms:

And Their Implications for Ubiquitous Learning by Kathy Alcorn Virtual Classrooms

Virtual Classroom What is it?:

Students attend a virtual classroom by connecting to the Internet rather than traveling to a physical classroom Virtual classrooms offer classes where time, distance or both separate students from their instructors A simulated classroom that allows students to interact using software such as live chat, forums, desktop sharing etc. Virtual Classroom What is it?

The Virtual Classroom:

The Virtual Classroom

4G Technology:

4G Technology And Its Implications for Ubiquitous Learning by Tiffani Pittman

You’ve Seen These Ads for 4G Technology::

You’ve Seen These Ads for 4G Technology: But Do You Really Know What it is All About? Movie Clip

What is 4G?:

What is 4G? 4G is the Fourth Generation of Mobile Technology 4G is still in the development stages The “New 4G Phones” are actually using what should be termed 3.5G or 3.75G

Cloud Computing:

Cloud Computing And Its Implications for Ubiquitous Learning by Scotti Hoffman

“The Cloud”:

“The Cloud”

PowerPoint Presentation:

The next slide shows a basic concept map to visualize how cloud computing works:


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