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Rapidly Changing Rural India TM

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Do this Children have Hope?

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Hope of a Healthy Life

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2005- Country Head with GE based in Kuala Lumpur- moving into Singapore as Regional Director-SEA Invitation from Dr. Anji Reddy (founder chairman of Dr. Reddys Laboratories) to try provide safe water to all Indians by 2020 Built up WaterHealth India- pioneered the concept of Community Water Systems in India. Launched the Blue Revolution in 2007 Global acclaim for the model and its immense success- touted by WSJ as one of the models that could help reach MDG goals Started Waterlife- the dream continues The Dream and the Story

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The need is alarming India ranked a low 122th in a survey of 123 nations on safe water index 4000 children die in India every day due to waterborne disease Two-thirds of hospital beds in India filled with patients with waterborne disease Stunted development of 20 million children annually We have the maximum number of diarrheal deaths USD 1.5 billion spent on rural medical expenses annually USD 600 million- Economic cost of waterborne diseases annually Something had to be done-on war footing Purpose

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Previous solutions Large scale infrastructure systems expensive and not economically viable for low density (rural) areas Conventional equipment supplies without long term service model, unsustainable/uneconomical in remote rural areas Government grants/subsidies cannot solve the problem. NGO efforts alone are helpful but limited by nature A new approach was necessary

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The Waterlife Model Innovative business models Decentralized “total” systems, O&M and Service offering Distribution network by local people for delivery of water Focus on health, high quality, and affordability Long term sustainability Operation and Maintenance for long periods, superior service User charges to create revenue stream for O&M Education and Awareness to change behavior Superior Technology- Green and Environmentally friendly Superior Technology with High Focus on being “Green” Environmental, Social and Economical returns Unique harnessing of critical elements for deep reach

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Multiple revenue streams Capital Equipment Sales: Products sold to Government, NGOs, Village Panchayats and Corporations. Water Sales: Affordable water user fees for long term Operation and Maintenance Services Contracts (AMC): AMC for maintaining the Water Stations Carbon Credit: Each large installation can generate up to $10,000 annually by way of Carbon Credit. Strong multiple revenue streams Revenue Model

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Directly Responsible for safe water access to more than 1000 villages We directly provide Safe Water to more than 2 million people The model has now provided water to approximately double the number of villages and double the population Several Sate governments have adopted the model The demonstrated success has attracted many large companies into this model The Impact So far…

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Engine of Growth - Community source of revenues for social/economic development Waterlife aims to be an innovative leader in providing affordable and high quality potable water solutions to the country- and to the world Waterlife will achieve its mission in line with its triple bottom-line philosophy- Economic, Social and Environmental Rapidly and Sustainably Changing Rural India

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The Journey Continues- the Goal gets nearer………….. Initial rough ride, ridicule and dismay by all Breaking myths about Rural Areas and in rural areas Funding Issues – Great and Noble idea- but will this ever work? Getting a top quality team If they Answer not your Call- Walk Alone, Walk Alone Rabindranath Tagore