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Developing a Healthier & Fitter Generation 5 th March 2011| TiE | Saumil Majmudar | EduSports Extending the Classroom into the Playground

Health is Wealth:

Health is Wealth Medical health Physical health Social health: Key life-skills Teamwork a.k.a networking Goal-setting a.k.a business plan Dealing with failure a.k.a serial entrepreneur Delayed gratification a.k.a working for stock Social health: Highest leverage for wealth creation Difficult to measure in the short-term EduSports focus: Physical & Social health

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The Starting Premise - A Lot of Talk, Very Few Interventions DNA- Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Jaipur – 25 th August 2010 Times of India- Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Pune - 25 th & 26 th August 2010 Deccan Herald- 26 th August 2010

Sports is Education:

Sports is Education Play is a scientific experiment conducted by children - to discover their physiological, mental & emotional limits

EduSports – On-ground delivery:

EduSports – On-ground delivery Structured Curriculum Age-Appropriate Props Program Execution Tools Outcome Assessment Delivered by EduSports certified Residents

Let’s Play!!!:

Let’s Play!!!

EduSports – Providing Ways to Sustain the Improvements:

EduSports – Providing Ways to Sustain the Improvements Activity Work Books for Home After-School Activities

Program Kickoff:

Program Kickoff

Reflection Meeting: Teacher Participation:

Reflection Meeting: Teacher Participation

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Leverage the magic of sport & physical activity Program design principles: Structured Play Fun Inclusive Age-appropriate Systemize & Get the Rigor in Execution Delivery & Monitoring Tools Assessments Map all stakeholders Work with existing constraints Deal with existing perceptions Have fun! EduSports DNA

India’s Largest sports education company :

India’s Largest sports education company 60000 children Healthier & fitter For life


OUTCOME ASSESSMENT *Results among 667 children in EduSports Partner Schools in Bangalore, Mangalore & Raipur More Kids With Right Body Mass Index Less Overweight / Obese Kids improvement in THE health of children in EduSports PARTNER SCHOOLS Developing a Healthier & Fitter Generation - Early Impact

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Helping Slow Learners Learn Better ‘Most of the learning difficulties, dyslexia, stem from perceptual difficulties, sensory integration difficulties. We started working with a few children using the EduSports curriculum for their gross motor skills, body balancing, for their vestibular system and we actually saw a lot of change in those children’ Ms. Chetana Keni, Head- Special Needs Cell, Zee School, Bangalore Developing a Healthier & Fitter Generation - Early Impact

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Creating ‘Champions in Life’ ‘ ‘We are very impressed with this change and the interest & the Happiness towards Games, within our son, Sakthi . Also, this change and the happiness helps him to express himself in all other activities including Studies. My heartfelt thanks to your practice and effort. Also, appreciate Edusports Training for their kind cooperation. Thanks for your timely help, Devika - Mrs. Devika , Parent, Trichy Developing a Healthier & Fitter Generation - Early Impact

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Develop a physically & socially healthier generation: - Leverage the power of the medium - Leverage the existing structure - Deliver to key stakeholder objectives - Have fun!

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Thank You for Your Time! Saumil Majmudar [email protected] +91 - 9886004133