Knowing Important Facts about CD/DVD Duplication

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The process of CD and DVD replication can be the ideal choice is there is a requirement of a number that cannot be achieved by the counterpart process called "duplication". For more details check out here:


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Knowing Important Facts about CD/DVD Duplication Source URL:- important-facts-about-cddvd-duplication.html

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Those looking to get the data on a disc copied several times are often given the option of picking between two choices i.e. duplication and replication. Upon inquiring they are told that both of them are equally good but the process of CD/DVD replication is technically more advanced and generates better results. As a result they simply pick the option without knowing anything but this will not happen anymore as we have come up with a post discussing everything about this process. Let’s get started with the first question i.e. what is CD and DVD replication. What is DVD Replication • This is the name given to a method of creating copies of the content stored in a disc that is used as a master disc for this purpose. • This process includes creating a glass master and pressing it onto empty aluminium or polymer discs. • The best feature of this process as compared to duplication is that really professional look as well

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as content is guaranteed and the content is the exact replica of the master disc. • This is where this process has derived its name from because the copied discs will be as flawless and error-free as the master disc itself and no common man would be able to differentiate between them. • Other than this companies involved in this business also have the option of silkscreen or offset printing onto the DVD surface.

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• These companies have numerous packaging options like gatefold simple clear plastic sleeve and different kinds of DVD cases along with numerous printing options. When is DVD Replication used • The next question that we will mull upon is when is this process brought into use and the answer is present in the following points. • According to the experts this process can be the most beneficial when there is a requirement of 500 or more copies of the master disc. • In this regards it is important to know that the initial cost of this process could appear really high but once glass master is created the process becomes really easy fast and inexpensive. • After glass master creation it would become even more inexpensive and fast once the first 1000 units have been pressed. • On the other hand we have the process of duplication that is really affordable right from the

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word "go" but as the quantity gets higher the costs remain the same so it starts to become less viable. What Is The Purpose • The process of CD and DVD replication can be the ideal choice is there is a requirement of a number that cannot be achieved by the counterpart process called "duplication". • One more reason why this process is used more frequently is the necessity of a professional looking content.

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• Experts say that if the purpose of mass producing of DVDs is to sell in retail outlets then replication is the only option. • The best thing about the replicated discs is that they will be compatible with all kinds of disc players no matter how advanced or old-school they are.

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