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The Australian Takeovers PanelTwo Years on. : 

The Australian Takeovers Panel Two Years on. Nigel Morris - Director

History of the Panel : 

History of the Panel 1969 Eggleston Committee 2nd Interim Report 1981 CASA - NCSC section 60 power 1991 Corporations Law Panel power to declare unacceptable conduct or acquisition 2000 CLERP section 659B Dispute resolution role


Volume NCSC - 11 s60 declarations 1981-1990 ASC - 4 applications to the Panel 1991-2000 Post Clerp 2000 - 22 2001 - 30 2002 - 5 Comparison with court volume?

Philosophy of the Panel: 

Philosophy of the Panel What? 'the main forum for resolving disputes about a takeover until the bid period has ended' (s 659AA) Commercial resolution of disputes Finding out what’s wrong and fixing it Getting a takeover back on track in real time

Philosophy of the Panel: 

Philosophy of the Panel Why? Flexibility, speed andamp; certainty Avoid tactical litigation and legalism Reduce costs And Raise standards of documentation andamp; behaviour generally Ensure clarity and equality of information as between shareholders and in the marketplace Encourage equal treatment of shareholders

Philosophy of the Panel: 

Philosophy of the Panel How? Primary body dealing with takeover matters during a bid (s659B) Court proceedings can only be initiated by ASIC or Government during a bid (s659B) Court can stay its proceedings during a takeover bid (s659B(2)) Only money damages awarded after Panel declines application (s659C) Review ASIC decisions (s656A)

Powers of the Panel: 

Powers of the Panel The Panel can make a declaration of unacceptable circumstances (s657A) a wide range of orders (s657D andamp; s657E) rules to clarify or supplement Chapter 6 (s658C) procedural rules for its proceedings (s195 ASIC Act) decisions on ASIC modifications

Unacceptable Circumstances (s657A): 

Unacceptable Circumstances (s657A) The circumstances must relate to the 'affairs of the company' be unacceptable having regard to their effect on the control, or potential control, of that company or another company or an acquisition of a substantial interest in that company or another company; or because they constitute or give rise to a contravention of Chapter 6, 6A, 6B or 6C

Unacceptable Circumstances (s657A): 

Unacceptable Circumstances (s657A) Focus is first upon circumstances not first on conduct Panel will look to the effects of the circumstances and may later look at the intention or conduct of the person who caused the circumstances to arise Focus is not primarily on legality Focus on Eggleston Principles Panel must consider the public interest

Who can apply?: 

Who can apply? Previously only ASIC 4 Now, any interested person Bidder 24 Rival Bidder 11 Target 16 Shareholders 3 ASIC 3 Other 1

Current Members Jan 2002 (45): 

Current Members Jan 2002 (45)


Executive Director Counsel Legal Secondees Office Manager Support, Policy, Liaison, Preparation Not delegates Lvl 47, 80 Collins St, Melbourne 3000

Panel Matters 2000 - (22): 

Panel Matters 2000 - (22) Infratil/AIF Nos. 1andamp;2 Email/Smorgon Nos 1-3 IAMA/Futuris Pinnacle No 1 Brickworks/GPG Nos 1andamp;2 QCT/Metcoal Advance/Mirvac St Barbara/Taipan Ashton/De Beers Taipan 1 - 6 Pinnacle 2 Taipan 7

Panel Matters 2001 - (30): 

Panel Matters 2001 - (30) Pinnacle 03 Taipan 8 Taipan 9 Taipan 10 Vincorp Pinnacle 04 Namakwa 01 Pinnacle 05 Namakwa 02 Taipan11 Pinnacle 06 Pinnacle 07 Alpha Namakwa 03 andamp; 04 Pinnacle 08 ALG Bigshop 01, 02, 03 Pinnacle 09 andamp; 09(b) Pinnacle 10 andamp; 11 Normandy 1 - 6 Broncos 01 andamp; 2

Panel Matters 2002 - (6): 

Panel Matters 2002 - (6) Broncos 03 Normandy 07 Focus Technologies Broncos 04 Pasminco Precious Metals Australia Ballarat Goldfields

Analysis - Type of Applications: 

Analysis - Type of Applications Review of ASIC Decisions 6 Affirmed 3 - Overturned 2 - Current 1 Unacceptable Circumstances 41 Review of Panel Decisions 9 Affirmed 6 - Varied 3 ASIC Referral 2

Grounds for Unacceptable Circumstance Applications: 

Grounds for Unacceptable Circumstance Applications efficient competitive informed market - 24 identity of acquirer - 1 reasonable time to consider - 1 adequate information in documents - 26 equality of opportunity - 6 Other - 10

Analysis - Outcomes: 

Analysis - Outcomes


Process Application Convene three members conflicts, availability, experience, etc Review - Reg 20 threshold Brief - Panel defines the landscape Submissions andamp; Rebuttals - Parties Further questions from Panel Conference, Supplementary brief Decision - Reasons Orders Post Mortem


Policy Published 1 Unacceptable Circumstances 2 Review of Decisions 3 Making Rules 4 Remedies and Enforcement 5 Restraining Documents 6 Break Fees Procedural Rules Current Work Forecasts Costs Frustrating Action - Conflicts - Rulings - Funding Arrangements

Panel Initiatives: 

Panel Initiatives Web page containing policies procedures decisions Post mortems after matters to get feedback Panel workshops and discussions to ensure consistency Liaison with practitioners

Implications of Panel for Takeovers: 

Implications of Panel for Takeovers Eggleston focus if strictly legal focus - you just don’t get it No strategic delay More negotiating with bidder/target Commercial resolutions Will require better disclosure No draconian penalties Perhaps more schemes of arrangement

Future challenges for the Panel : 

Future challenges for the Panel Consistency Panel days, three members, post mortems Workload Constitutional challenge Jurisdictional interrelation with courts chipping away Power Scope


Conclusion To be fully effective the Panel must enjoy the support of the whole business community - Senator Chapman 12/5/99 The Panel will be a test of the goodwill of the business community in Australia in taking some responsibility for its own actions - Mr Joe Hockey MP 3/6/99


Members Name Organisation Location Mr Simon McKeon, Macquarie Bank Limited Melbourne (President) Ms Robyn Ahern Company Director Perth Ms Ilana Atlas Westpac Banking Corporation Ltd Sydney Ms Eliz. Alexander AM PricewaterhouseCoopers Melbourne Justice Bob Austin Supreme Court of NSW Sydney Dr Annabelle Bennett SC Sydney Bar Sydney Mr Michael Burgess University of South Australia Adelaide Mr Tony Burgess Deutsche Bank Melbourne Ms Carol Buys AMP Consulting P/L Sydney Mr Denis Byrne Denis Byrne andamp; AssociatesP/L Brisbane Mr Peter Cameron Credit Suisse First Boston Sydney Ms Luise Elsing Australian Stock Exchange Sydney Ms Kathleen Farrell Freehills Sydney Mr David Gonski Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Sydney


Members Ms Teresa Handicott Corrs Chambers Westgarth Brisbane Mr Brett Heading McCullough Robertson Brisbane Ms Meredith Hellicar Company Director Sydney Mr Braddon Jolley Freehills Sydney Mr John King NZ Takeovers Panel Auckland Dr Tro Kortian University of Sydney Sydney Ms Alison Lansley Mallesons Stephen Jaques Melbourne Ms Irene Lee Company director Sydney Mr Kevin McCann Allens Arthur Robinson Sydney Ms Alice McCleary Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Adelaide Ms Marie McDonald Blake Dawson Waldron Melbourne Ms Maria Manning Queensland Cotton Brisbane Ms Louise McBride Delloitte Touche Tohmatsu Sydney Ms Marian Micalizzi Company Director Brisbane Mr Simon Mordant Caliburn Partnership P/L Sydney


Members Ms Robyn Pak-Poy Minter Ellison Adelaide Mr Chris Photakis KPMG Corporate Finance P/L Sydney Prof Ian Ramsay The University of Melbourne Melbourne Mr Scott Reid JPMorgan Sydney Ms Maxine Rich Consultant Sydney Ms Fiona Roche Estates Development Co. Perth Mr Trevor Rowe Salomon Smith Barney Sydney Justice Kim Santow Supreme Court of NSW Sydney Mr Jeremy Schultz Finlaysons Adelaide Ms Jennifer Seabrook Gresham Partners Perth Ms Celia Searle Wickham Chambers Perth Mr Leslie Taylor Commonwealth Bank of Aust. Sydney Mr Michael Tilley Merrill Lynch International Melbourne Mrs Nerolie Withnall Company Director Brisbane Ms Karen Wood BHP Billiton Melbourne Mr Peter Young ABN-AMRO Sydney