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Kick-Start Your Career In the New Year:

Kick-Start Your Career In the New Year 30 tips in 45 Minutes: Landing Your Dream Job

I’ve Been There, Done That:

I’ve Been There, Done That Master’s In HR & Labor Relations Hired over 400 professionals in multiple industries, filled corporate executive positions Reviewed more than 300,000 resumes Worked for General Electric as an Outplacement Counselor after 9/11 17 years in the Fortune 500, primarily in recruiting roles And, I have been a job hunter during 3 recessions


Objective Provide advice for Handling job loss that may occur this year Getting promoted Receiving multiple job offers Landing your dream job Help you avoid common job hunt mistakes Give you a leg up on the competition


Caveat Hiring managers’ criteria and process vary widely Maximize your odds by diminishing actions on your part that might result in rejection While you, or someone you know, may disagree with some of my suggestions, please keep in mind that hiring a person is much like selecting a roommate, so people will have differing opinions about resumes, processes, etc.

Diversify, Diversify…:

Diversify, Diversify… CRITICAL: Ask yourself, “ Is another year in my current job going to make me more obsolete, or more marketable?” Am I learning new skills? Latest software versions, professional certifications, new products Is my company declining or does it have a poor reputation? In the last 5 years, have I had a new job title or industry?

Job Hunting CAN Be Fun!:

Job Hunting CAN Be Fun! Learn about companies and industries you never knew existed Learn about yourself, what you like and what you don’t Make new friends If you are open to relocation, you may see new areas and cultures

Recommended Reading:

Recommended Reading

What Color is Your Parachute?:

What Color is Your Parachute? Consistently the best-selling job-hunting book in the world Author is a graduate of Harvard and M.I.T., where he majored in Physics Easy to read Encourages self-assessment 11M copies in 20 languages

Knock ’em Dead:

Knock ’ em Dead Written by Martin Yate, former corporate recruiting director and headhunter Even if you have “aced” every job interview you have ever had and consistently get 10% raises, I guarantee you will find the 100 page section on sample interview questions educational

Stop Peeing On Your Shoes:

Stop Peeing On Your Shoes Julie Bauke Long time professional outplacement/career transition consultant Personally coached thousands of job hunters HR background Short book, easy and fun to read

Process and Preparation:

Process and Preparation

Pop Quiz:

Pop Quiz What percent of job hunters: Use the internet for their job search and actually get a job from job posting web sites? Send out resumes at random get a job as a result of doing so? A nswer ads in local newspapers land a job? G o to employment agencies/search firms get jobs?

Neatness Counts!:

Neatness Counts! Invest in a good suit & tie Wear a t-shirt under your shirt Long sleeve white shirt only Have your face freshly shaved or your hair and beard freshly trimmed Shine shoes—I love 99¢ instant shine pads

Got Cards?:

Got Cards? Mike Davis, PMP Mechanical Engineer & Project Manager Available for Contract and Full Time Positions Willing to Relocate 123 Main St. [email protected] Grand Rapids, MI 49503 cell : 616-555-1212 When networking or interviewing with someone, always ask for the person’s card. If you are unemployed, get 250 FREE business cards at

Like It or Not, You’re Now in Sales:

Like It or Not, You’re Now in Sales Sales people will tell you that you have to make a personal connection with someone so you and your product –YOU – get noticed Research and develop a prospect list Ask for a 15-20 minute appointment More face-to-face connections result in more sales To get more sales, you have to create a bigger sales funnel … in other words, a bigger fishing net

Keep a Database:

Keep a Database A simple excel database ensures that contacts and follow-up dates will not fall through the cracks Help you organize your points of contact … since you will not have a business card for every contact You can share it with your friends when they find themselves looking for work Will be a resource for your future searches

Avoid Rejection Shock:

Avoid Rejection Shock NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, YES

Your Resume:

Your Resume Utilize key words and acronyms Chronological is a must 2 pages, max!!! Bullet points Results Objective is more likely to hurt than help you. Personal section – a no-no

Websites To Post Your Resume:

Websites To Post Your Resume - Don’t be shy—you can always say “No, Thanks” - Make it easy for employers to find you! - Refresh, refresh, refresh!

PowerPoint Presentation:

You are a fool if you do not utilize this site! Add your phone number Add your email address “ inmail ” costs recruiters money Join linkedin groups for your industry or occupation Linkedin groups have job boards

PowerPoint Presentation:

The best internet resource for job hunters ever created on the internet! It is an aggregator that “scrapes” job postings from company websites, careerbuilder , monster, etc. Heads up: It is only updated once a week

Cover Letters:

Cover Letters Keep it short! Failure to write a cover letter, either in paper form or in an email, suggests to some recruiters and hiring managers you are doing a mass mailing and are lazy/sloppy/not professional

Networking Tips:

Networking Tips “Did I call at a good time or is there a better time to call back, please, Mr. Smith?” “I greatly appreciate your time and advice, Mr. Smith. Who do you know in our industry who would also be a good person for me to speak with? …Would you mind if I used your name when I call her?”

The Interview:

The Interview

What is your current/recent salary?:

What is your current/recent salary? Asked because: Don’t want to waste time if not a fit for job Shows career progression/success Some job titles are broad (e.g., Project Mgrs. make 40k-150k) Your response: “Really, my primary criteria for joining a company is being able to apply my AutoCAD skill and grow professionally while being on a dedicated team in an ethical company.” 2. “In my last job I was making in the 70’s, plus bonus. In researching the salaries for a mech. engineer with 10 years of experience in Chicago on and in talking to other companies, I am finding the market range varies between 70-95k .”


Research! "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." Dr . Seuss Example: “Mr. Interviewer, I saw XYZ company’s stock is down by 30% this year, why is that?”

Interview Answer Strategy:

Be honest Practice, practice , practice Clarify questions: “ You asked me to tell you about myself, Mr. Smith, I would be happy to. Exactly would you like to know about me?” Keep your answers short! Don’t forget you are a sales person – think before you speak Get over it – don’t whine about your layoff, boss, etc. Interview Answer Strategy

Interview Answer Strategy:

Interview Answer Strategy Cite Past Success: “My performance appraisals in the last 5 years consistently praised my attention to detail, my ability to learn new software on my own, and my ability to work with others.” “Overall, I received “EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS” scores in most sections of my performance appraisals and earned above-average raises and a promotion.” “My boss wrote this year that I was a dedicated employee who helped the company save 200k on one project.” What Are Your Strengths?

Good Interview Questions to Ask:

Good Interview Questions to Ask “If you could change something about XYZ company, what would it be?” “What are your top priorities ?” “What surprised you when you joined XYZ ?” “Based on what you have shared with me about this career opportunity, this seems to be a great fit for my interests/abilities. What concerns do you have about my candidacy?”

Handwritten Thank You Notes:

Handwritten Thank You Notes Simple white cards are fine Write it in your car, give to receptionist you were nice to and ask her/him to put them on the chair of the person(s) you met because they are discussing your candidacy right after your interview It is a marketing piece – shows you have class, good handwriting (print if you have to), are sincere, and they see your name one more time Your competition is not doing this!

Job Search Help:

Job Search Help

An Offer You Cannot Refuse:

15-20 minutes of free help with your job search in the next 30 days—whatever you have questions about: Resume Review Cover letter Quick Interview Practice Websites Working with a headhunter An Offer You Cannot Refuse

Thank You!:

Thank You! Please let me know what you thought of the presentation. John Cressey Executive Recruiter Supply Chain Consulting Search, LLC