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The SPOT Summer Adventure:

The SPOT Summer Adventure I am going to The Children’s SPOT to play and learn with other kids.


My mom or dad will drive me to The SPOT . When we get there a teacher from The SPOT will come to the car. I will say good bye to my mom or dad. Bye!


The teacher will walk me into the building. I will go to a room with other kids.


At the SPOT I will be part of a group. I will play and learn with other kids. I may not know all the kids, but that is okay .


I will follow a schedule with my group. I will have time to go to the gym and the sensory room every day . This schedule will be different from what I usually do at The SPOT. That is okay.


We will do different activities at T he SPOT . We will play music, read books, watch short videos , make artwork, cook, play games and lots more.. .


I will work with teachers. They will help me feel comfortable. They will help me learn new things.


Summer Adventure at The SPOT will be fun!

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