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We at TermitesRus help you to protect your furniture, floor, racks etc from Termite in Brisbane.Chemicals we use are genuine and safe for kids and pets.


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About us :

About us At   TermitesRus , we’re specialists at identifying and treating termites and combined with our general PestControl  services, we offer the complete solution to protecting your home from unwanted pests . Termites’R’us work in accordance with Australian Standards with multiple QBCC licences which allow us to Inspect for Timber Pests and Chemically treat for  Termite activity and prevention in QLD .

Our Services:

Our Services Termite Inspection Specialist Termite Control and Protection Chemical or Chemical Free Barrier

Termite Inspection Specialist:

Termite Inspection Specialist To ensure your home is thoroughly inspected, we use latest equipment from Termatrac T3i, Flir Thermal Imaging Camera, Tramex Moisture Meter, and Borescope Camera and Donga. Thorough comprehensive inspections – we won’t be rushed. An inspection generally takes up to 2 hours to complete which includes a thorough inspection of your yard, retaining walls, etc around the perimeter of your home, inside and out, the roof space, and sub floor area.

Termite Control and Protection:

Termite Control and Protection Complete with a 12 month warranty for added peace of mind, our general  Pest Control  services cover a variety of options. We also offer a non toxic Pest Control service to protect kids, pets and general allergies.  We ensure your house stays pest free for a longer period after our treatment.

Chemical or Chemical Free Barrier:

Chemical or Chemical Free Barrier Using Australia’s premium termite control products, we apply a continuous chemical treated zone around the perimeter and under your home. This means digging a trench around your home down to the footings, applying the Termiticide and back filling the soil whilst flooding with chemical. To ensure complete  termite protection , holes are drilled through concrete areas and pavers lifted to treat the ground beneath. 


THANK YOU ADDRESS:- TermiteRus , Lynbrook Avenue, Ormeau , Qld,4208, Australia. Contact:- 92 149 624 626 FOLLOW US ON:-

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