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CDL TRAINNG . ORG Starts with Free CDL Practice Tests If you are interested in pursuing a career in the trucking industry, it may be one of the wisest choices you could make. OTR trucking jobs are in high demand and will likely remain this way for the foreseeable future. There are several factors, however, that will determine if you will be successful in this industry. We are going to take a balanced look at each step in the process, so you can decide for yourself if this will be a good career move for you . We will also provide a free CDL practice test to help prepare you to pass your commercial driver’s license.


CDL TRAINNG . ORG CDL schools are divided into three general camps : Vocational CDL Schools : mostly available through community colleges or vocational training institutions . Private CDL Schools : stand-alone entities that don’t own or use trucks but offer thorough education about the subject matter . Company-Sponsored CDL Programs : offered by a trucking company for the purpose of getting you prepared for a job with that company. Each of these paths offer their own set of advantages, disadvantages, and most importantly from where you’re sitting, their own little known behind-the-scenes issues that will make your life harder if you are not prepared.


CDL TRAINNG . ORG Taking your CDL Test Passing the CDL driving test is an essential hurdle to clear in becoming a truck driver. The best way to prepare is to take several CDL practice tests ahead of time . In each of your practice tests, take note of the questions you get wrong and look up the correct answers in your CDL study guide or in a credible online course . This is the best way to address your weak spots and enter the real thing as well prepared as possible . Feel free to take any of our free CDL practice tests as often as needed so you can be successful when you have to do it for real. Good luck!


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