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Marketing Strategies: 

Marketing Strategies DSU Image & Marketing Committee 9-27-04


Overview Traditional Marketing Guerilla Marketing Viral Marketing Stealth Marketing

Traditional Marketing: 

Traditional Marketing Product Place Price Promotion Personal selling Advertising Sales Promotion Direct Marketing Public Relations Internet (Viral Marketing) Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla Marketing: 

Guerilla Marketing Unconventional marketing intended to get maximum results from minimal resources. Guerilla marketing involves being original, breaking the rules, and looking for alternatives to traditional marketing methods. More about matching wits than matching budgets Low cost Innovative Less clutter Less reach

Guerilla Marketing: 10 Commandments: 

Guerilla Marketing: 10 Commandments Know your market. Know who your customers are, how they think, and where they go. Keep your name in front of your in-house list. Work with the press. Educate the market. Put e-marketing to work for you. Do the Web right. Get a prime spot on the Web's search engines. Postcards supplement an existing marketing program and are stress-free. Give talks and presentations at industry association meetings and conferences. Network, network, network.

Guerilla Marketing: 

Guerilla Marketing Blair Witch Project Driver 2 video game Toyota Scion

Viral Marketing: 

Viral Marketing Marketing phenomenon that facilitates and encourages people to pass along a marketing message. Dancing Baby Hotmail

Viral Marketing: 

Viral Marketing Takes advantage of others' resources Offer an incentive. Don't consider the referral an opt-in. Personalize the referral email. Track and analyze the results Continually promote friendly referrals Gives away products or services Provides for effortless transfer to others Scales easily from small to very large Exploits common motivations and behaviors Utilizes existing communication networks

Stealth Marketing: 

Stealth Marketing Compared/similar to viral marketing – but source is unknown or hidden Red Bull Sony Ethical? Intrusive?