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Innovations in Telehealth:

Innovations in Telehealth Covering the latest in improved access, cost and quality care outside of the hospital and doctor’s office

Telehealth has increased access to care for today’s military overseas:

Telehealth has increased access to care for today’s military overseas This can include the following: -Communication between providers and patients using a mobile device -Ordering prescription refills from a mobile phone -Tracking of health related symptoms with the capability to send the information to a provider -Applications for handheld devices aimed at improving and maintaining sound mental health, for example: Virtual Hope Box app Fun fact: 90% of active duty military have smart phones

Telehealth within the classroom:

Telehealth within the classroom For busy parents, missing work to pick up a sick child from school or to take a child to see the doctor for a physical can be difficult. Via a webcam a school can now fulfill basic healthcare needs for it’s students in the school nurse’s office. The nurse is able to connect remotely to an online doctors office. This service can increase early diagnose of diabetes and asthma before it becomes an emergency.

Education offerings:

Education offerings Telehealth works for the medical professional as well. Continued education in the healthcare workers areas of interest are, many times, provided via online interactive learning -Live seminars can be accessed with web interactions at the workplace -Hospital wide annual education for employees via a user interface with customized username and password to track up to date education requirements and to reference past skills completed -Online bachelor and Masters degrees for healthcare professionals through certified universities including live interactive lecture series -CDSS (clinical decision support system) assisting providers with understanding and diagnosing clients symptoms