Mistakes of Startup Founders

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Mistakes of Startup Founders 12/19/2018 www.tekshapers.com

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5 Common Mistakes made by Startup Founders 12/19/2018 www.tekshapers.com Early Expansion Improper advice Failing to deal Failing to adapt Avoiding Researches

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1- Early Expansion Expanding the current business idea without getting the right information on the ground can effect negatively. Experience and other business research have shown that before developing any startup organization you need the follow some key resources among which this is the most common i.e. never underestimate the power of organic growth it can be slow at first but it really gives strong positive results. 12/19/2018 www.tekshapers.com

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2- Improper Advice Many startup owners fail because of their failure to learn or seek best advice from the right people. It is always crucial to seek advice from someone who is very familiar with business transactions such as financial planners lawyers accountants Strategy Experts etc. Good business people get the most by asking the right people for advice. 12/19/2018 www.tekshapers.com

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3- Failing to Deal You must possess a friendly personality if people do not like you and do not like what you are doing they will never do any business with you. So its prominent that you must have basic skills in the management of people. In addition to this you must possess effective customer service skills you must learn a deal with your staff because they are considered as the greatest asset. 12/19/2018 www.tekshapers.com

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4- Failing to Adapt Many organizations are admant to why they should adapt to the present changes in their business. There are stories of many businesses that have been passed from one generation to another and get crashed because the current director still has to learn to make new changes. Some managers don’t know the beauty of management skills of their people. Many of them lack a real business spirit. 12/19/2018 www.tekshapers.com

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5- Avoiding Researches Before starting any business you must make sure that you should have a well-defined target market. Do a proper business research. It is not good to begin a startup business idea after talking about it with your friends and family about it. Do a research and see if it is feasible see if it is something you can easily get involved in. 12/19/2018 www.tekshapers.com

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Final Thought However businesses do not have to wait until they make a mistake before they can learn. Since it is good to learn from the mistakes made by others. The most effective way to learn as a businessman is to make mistakes or learn from mistakes made by others. 12/19/2018 www.tekshapers.com

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Information contributed by Tekshapers Software Solutions Pvt Ltd. one of the leading Software Development and Staffing Service provider company. 12/19/2018 www.tekshapers.com

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