5 Best CRM Software for Financial Advisor

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5 Best CRM Software for Financial Advisor:

5 Best CRM Software for Financial Advisor 9/24/2018 www.tekshapers.com

CRM for Financial Advisor:

CRM for Financial Advisor Being the financial advisor not only requires knowledge in finance, but also an excellent client relationship management skills. The tools to be used by financial advisor offers lot of functionality and helps financial professionals see where their clients and prospects stand. 9/24/2018 www.tekshapers.com

5 Best CRM Software:

5 Best CRM Software 9/24/2018 www.tekshapers.com


1- REDTAIL REDTAIL CRM is one of the most well-known CRM in the financial service industry. Since 2003, their easy to use interfere has been  allowing financial professionals to streamline their activities without much hassle and a wide selection of integrations creates room for customization. 9/24/2018 www.tekshapers.com


2- KRONOS KRONOS finance is a Canadian based CRM solution which was specifically designed for the financial advisors. This is the only CRM which aggregates the client and product data from gateways with insurance and investment platforms by giving the advisors a full view of client’s data. 9/24/2018 www.tekshapers.com


3- FINAEO Finaeo is the only CRM in the market which is built for financial advisors by former financial advisors. Ultimately, this means we know what advisors struggle with because, we've been there before . Its intuitive interface eliminates the steep learning curve and lets the financial advisors jump right into the action. 9/24/2018 www.tekshapers.com


4- SMARTOFFICE SmartOffice is a powerful CRM tool which in addition to several core features includes client , activity, document tracking and calendar management, also offers sales, marketing, insurance and investment solutions. Their integration portfolio also include big giants like Laser App, Precise FP, Advicent , TD Ameritrade and Charles Schwab.  9/24/2018 www.tekshapers.com


5- JUNXURE Junxure is "A CRM which thinks like an advisor" with many awards under its belt, aims to help advisors reduce IT overhead, streamline workflows through automation and enrich client experience by the way of proper data tracking. Its key features include reporting for both parties (clients and you), easy correspondence tools , etc. 9/24/2018 www.tekshapers.com

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