What are the skills of IT Recruitment Agencies?

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Regardless of where your next recruiter comes, there are some of the skills of IT Recruitment Agencies discussed further.


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6 Skills of IT Recruitment Agencies 8/22/2018 www.tekshapers.com

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What are the skills of IT Recruitment Agencies ➢ There is no doubt that the recruitment agencies have undergone the huge changes in last decade. ➢ Recruitment agencies must have good communication skills ability to work hard and team player. ➢ Regardless of where your next recruiter comes there are some of the skills of IT Recruitment Agencies discussed further. 8/22/2018 www.tekshapers.com

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What are the skills of IT Recruitment Agencies cont. Strong sales skills Builds relationships Hunter’s mentality Consultative nature Approachable Personable Listening 8/22/2018 www.tekshapers.com

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1. Strong sales skills If you haven’t figured it out by now recruiting is all about sales. Not only the recruiters need to sell their clients but they also need to sell candidates on opportunities and may be able to articulate why business is a choice of employer and why a particular opportunity is not just a great opportunity but how it is the opportunity of lifetime. 8/22/2018 www.tekshapers.com

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2. Builds Relationships Anyone can pull out a name from the database and can place a call. It is another thing to actually cultivate and build relationships with the candidates that we recruit. Perhaps knowing a little about what makes them tick. By creating more friendly and open communication relationships with the candidates you can increase the candidates experience. 8/22/2018 www.tekshapers.com

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3. Hunter’s Mentality There are so many ways to source the talent these days. There are abundance of sites networks tools and platforms all built in fashion to make a recruiters life easier. But it is how each recruiter uses these tools which will make the difference. It all starts with the mentality of the individual. In order to find the strongest individuals you want someone who will use cold calling social media etc. 8/22/2018 www.tekshapers.com

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4. Consultative Nature Recruiting is the science and there are many methods and processes in it. The majority of hiring managers needs to be consulted on these procedures and the processes in order to build long term success and proper process flow. Good recruiters have the ability to advise and push back on their clients if needed. A good recruiter will act as a trusted advisor for their clients and act on given advices. 8/22/2018 www.tekshapers.com

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5. Approachable Personable How many times does the candidate call or meet the recruiter at a career fair and they are nervous on the other line or on the other side of the table. There are some people who says that they do not have the time to return calls or emails that they can talk to everyone at career fair that their clients are too tough to work with. 8/22/2018 www.tekshapers.com

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6. Listening Anyone else ever had the recruiter talk your ear off presentation about how great they are they have access to successful placement etc Recruiters need to listen first and talk second. Recruiters must posses the uncanny ability to listen and take the proper job order. Too many recruiters can run their traps to no end. 8/22/2018 www.tekshapers.com

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