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‘Medicinal plants Industry 2017’ Presentation by Miss. Tejasi Shyam Bhandari [email protected] 1


Global Market: Medicinal Plant Consumer Industries Overview 5 4 Indian Medicinal Plant Sector Profile 9-10 Indian Systems Of Medicine 8 Global Market: Top 5 Medicinal Plant Producer Countries 7 6 Global Market: Overview 4 Global Market: Regional Share 6 Index Key Highlights 3 Sources 14 2 Important Commercial Plants 12 12 10-11 Indian Trade Of Herbal Rae Drug 11 Govt. Support Schemes 13

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Global herbal market size is estimated approx . USD 72 Billion ; to grow further at CAGR of 14.88% to reach USD 7trillion by 2050 Medicinal plants are used in various industries which are worth around USD 80 Billion Europe is the largest herbal product market: USD 7.5 billion and has 40 % market share China has the highest number of medicinal plants and also the leader in export of medicinal plants globally having 15% sharing global export under this category. Indian system of medicine use 90% raw material derived from medicinal plants . Rich in natural resource base, country s’ 90% of the medicinal plants are presently situated in wild forests . Demand for herbal raw drug in the country has been growing at CAGR 4.83% since last 10years. Indian Trade Value of Herbal Raw Drugs in Commercial Demand reached 856 mio.USD . growing at CAGR of 17.82% since last 10 years. Opium, Senna , Psyllium are major commercial crops which are presently being produced on very large scale . Govt. has been supporting this Sector through various Schemes such as “Conservation, Development and Sustainable Management of Medicinal Plants ”, online market place ‘e- charak ’. Key highlights 3


Global market: Overview Global Market (USD Billion) CAGR Global herbal market is valued USD 72 Billion and its expected to grow further at CAGR of 14.88% to reach USD 7trillion by 2050. The shift in healthcare towards natural products with therap peutic values provides vast opportunities for medicinal plant sector. U p to 80 % of people in developing countries are totally dependent on herbal drugs for their primary healthcare. O ver 25 % of prescribed medicines in developed countries are derived from wild plant species. D emand for wild resources has increased by 8–15 % per year in Europe, North America, and Asia in recent decades  . The largest global markets for medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs) are China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, the UK and the USA. Japan has the highest per capita consumption of botanical medicines in the world . Global herbal market size is estimated approx. USD 72 Billion ;to grow further at CAGR of 14.88% to reach USD 7trillion by 2050. 4


Indian systems of medicine Percentage of plant species under different systems of Indian medicine 27% 23 % 10 % 10 % Approximately 15,000 medicinal plants species are available in India . Indian systems of medicine use various raw materials and medicinal plants constitute 90% of it. About 3000 plants species are reported to be used in the codified Indian Systems of medicines. Out of this Ayurveda use largest number of botanical species (900) followed by Siddha ( 800 species), Unani ( 700 species) and Amchi ( 300 species ). This richness of resources coupled with a well codified & documented traditional knowledge of use of this resource and modern scientific capability for validating this knowledge gives India considerable comparative advantage in the medicinal plants sector over other countries. Indian system of medicine use 90% raw material derived from medicinal plants. 8


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