Floriculture Industry in India 2017


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‘Floriculture Industry In India 2017’ Presentation by Miss. Tejasi Shyam Bhandari [email protected] 1


Important flowers 5 Export 9 Leading flower producing states 8 Indian floriculture Market: Overview 4 Production 6-7 Index Key Highlights 3 Sources 10 2

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Indian floriculture industry reached INR 9000Crore in 2016. Rose, Orchid, Glardiya , Carnations, Marigold, Jasmine are important commercial flowers having total cropped area under floriculture 70581Ha. in 2016 It contributes 1.2 % in total horticulture production. Floriculture production has increased by 4.4% compare to 2015. Total production reached 2236000MT in 2016 with share of loose flower almost 69 % . Tamil Nadu is the leading flower producing state that produced 358000MT in 2016 contributing 16% to total production . United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands ,United Arab Emirates are key export destinations for India. Key highlights 3


Indian floriculture industry is worth INR9000crore. It has been growing at CAGR 25% since last 5 years. O ver 300 million people with middle and higher income, It is the world's 2nd largest consumer base and fastest growing retail destination. The steady demand for traditional flowers comes from the use for religious purposes, decoration of homes and for making garlands and wreaths. This demand is particularly strong in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Odisha and West Bengal .  Seasonal demand is driven by f estivals and marriages for specific flowers. Hotels ,guest houses are also emerging as a major markets for flower industry. It is also important for bee keeping industry which too provides alternative source of income for Indian farmers. Market growth (INR Crore ) xxx CAGR Indian floriculture industry reached INR 9000Crore in 2016. Global Floriculture Market: Overview 4


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