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Data Visualization with Tableau Online Tutorial will guide you through the techniques of data visualization and after comleting this course from TechandMate, you will be able to incorporate Data Anaytics with R.


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Data Visualization with Tableau Online Tutorial:

Working with Data Sorts Data Visualization with Tableau Online Tutorial Training Guide Fundamentals From Tech And Mate

Working with Data:

Working with Data In Data Visualization with Tableau Online Tutorial we will discuss the “ working of data ”. We have the following topics to understand the working of data. Filters Sorts Groups Hierarchies Sets

In today’s session Let’s understand sorting…:

In today’s session Let’s understand sorting…

Query Sorts:

Query Sorts This is a sort done from the data window. It is best to move through your data when it first comes into Tableau and complete as many Sorts as possible right in the data window. These sorts are done before the data hits the view, allowing your view to just show you the data instead of performing Sorts.

Local Sorts:

Called local because these sorts are completed right in the view. One Click Sort : hover over the Axis Calculated Sort : Right-click on the field that you want to sort and select Sort from its context menu. Specify the sorting options. Complete the Sort dialog box by specifying the following criteria: Sort order - Displays the sort results in ascending or descending order. Sort by – Sort by one of these three options: Data source order - the order that the data source naturally orders the data. Generally for relational data sources, this tends to be in alphabetical order. If you are using a cube, this order is the defined hierarchal order of the members within a dimension. Alphabetic - the order of the letters in the alphabet. Field - order the data based on the associated values of another field. For example, you could order several products by their total sales values. When working with a relational data source and sorting by another field, you must also specify the aggregation function to use. This option is not available for multidimensional data sources because aggregations are defined when the cube is created and cannot be modified in Tableau. Local Sorts

Sorting with Table Calculations:

Sorting with Table Calculations Table calculations can be used to sort. Table calculations are the last thing to render in the view and therefore will be a final sort in your view. More on sorting with Table calculations on day 3.

Sorting Tips:

You should keep the following rules in mind when interpreting the sort results : Tableau computes the sort across the entire table using the specified criteria. Refer to Example – Sorting a Text Table . Sorts do not break the dimension hierarchy. Sorted fields are always displayed within the ordered context already set forth by the fields on the Rows and Columns shelves. This means that Tableau will not rearrange any of the headers of the fields that appear before (to the left of) the sorted field. If you want to break the dimension hierarchy when sorting a multidimensional data source, place only the hierarchy level that you want sorted on the Rows or Columns shelf. Sorting can also be accomplished by Table calculations, **but remember , that is due to the fact that when the view is built in the internal Tableau engine, the Table Calculations are last to be calculated , so if you have multiple table calculations it may be tricky to get the sort right. Sorting Tips

You Try It!:

You Try It! Let’s Take 15 minutes to try and complete the Sorting. Soon we’ll come with another tutorial on Groups! If you face any difficulty please post your question here under Tableau Tag : TechandMate Knowledgebase We’ll love to answer your queries! Till then… Happy Sorting!

Thanks for your time!:

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