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What Is Google Search Console? Google Search Console(Also called Google Webmaster Tools) Is a free service offered by Google to help monitor and maintain your website online presence in Google search console .  

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Why Use Google Search Console?

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Everyone knows that Google is the top most popular search engine in the world. Each & every website needs to save (index) in Google’s database, then and then it will shown that sites in search results. Monitor your site's performance in Google Search results:

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Make sure that Google can access your content Update your website content as per latest market demands. Create and monitor content that delivers visually engaging search results Maintain your site with minimal disruption to search performance Monitor and resolve malware or spam issues, like Spam messages in reviews Which queries caused your site to appear in search results? Do the proper keyword analysis. See the competitors Websites, content, Keywords & all. Checkout your product prices, company contact info highlighted in rich search results? Check your back links, which sites come towards your website? Is your mobile site performing well for visitors searching on mobile?

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How Do You Use Google Search Console?

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Step 1 : Visit Google Search Console and log in using your Google account.

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Step 2 : Click on “Add a Property” button in the top right corner to add website.

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Step 3 : Type in the domain name of your site in the window and click “Add”

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Step 4 : Verify the ownership of your domain name. Google’s recommended method is to upload a verification file to your server & other alternative methods are also there.

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Step 5 : Choose the method that you prefer and go through the process. At the end click on verification Button

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Congratulations you have successfully verified on Google search console

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Check your website visibility on Google search console

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Modules in Search Console

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Dashboard is where you get a quick overview of any significant and critical messages that Google has sent you and the current status of your site regarding Crawl Errors, Search Queries, and Sitemaps. Like – “ No new message s or recent critical issues”. Or “Approval to link your Chrome Web Store to”   Message is your inbox which features any message that Google sends you about your site. Such as an increase in the number of “page not found” occurrences or a drop in rankings. Like – “Google bot has increased the server errors” & “Increase in 404 Pages” .  

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3. Search Appearance gives you more details on how your site and pages appear in the search results. This includes information about Structured Data (your data), Rich Cards, and HTML Improvements (issues with titles and tags of your pages).   4. Search Traffic It tells you what keyword phrases Google ranks you for, how many impressions and clicks you get from the individual search results, what positions you are ranked in, and even which of your pages are best ranked.  

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5. Google Index gives you the status on how many of your pages are indexed and what keywords you are using the most. Here you also have the option to remove URL’s from Google’s index if you don’t want them to display any longer.   6.Crawl section gives you “Errors” (such as 404 pages not found) encountered on your site. There’s also details on how Google crawls your content and how frequently. Make sure to fix or redirect any missing pages.

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7. Security Issues Do check and see if Google discovered some important matters you should deal with. Just secure your website with effective WordPress security Strategy .   8. Other Resources section gives you links to some other useful Google products, such as “Structured Data Testing Tool” and “Page speed Insights” which help you speed up the loading time on your content & more

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Who should use Google Search Console?

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Anyone with a website! From generalist to specialist, from new buyers to advanced, Search Console can help you. Business owner SEO specialist/marketer Site Administrator Web Developer App Developer

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