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Coban Muay Thai camp NYC will train you for Thai boxing in the same fashion it has been taught for centuries to compete in martial arts by learning self discipline.


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MUAY THAI NYC  Our hope is that your sole focus is not just to become a fighter, but that you strive to become a better, stronger and more honorable person. Visit us at :


HISTORY OF MUAY THAI Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand with deeply rooted tradition and history.  To many Thais, it is a life-long career and a way of life. Muay Thai is derived from an older martial art called Muay Boran, which is known as The Art of Nine Limbs because it adds head butts as the ninth offensive technique. In the 20th century, Muay became modernized, and became known as Muay Thai.  The use of boxing gloves, referees, rounds, and a ring was introduced.  Rules were adopted, and many of the techniques, such as head butts, became illegal or impractical.  So, to distinguish the older form of Muay, it became known as Muay Boran (“ancient boxing”).

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MUAY THAI CAMPS & TRAININGS Muay Thai involves boxing techniques, hard kicking, and knee and elbow strikes. Low kicks to the thighs are a very distinguishing technique used frequently in Muay Thai. Stand up grappling is also used and allowed in the ring. Muay Thai practitioners develop a very high level of physical conditioning developed by its practitioners.

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COBAN’S MUAY THAI CAMP Coban’s Muay Thai Camp’s BJJ program is directed by Alliance BJJ NYC, the most decorated competition Brazilian Jiu Jitsu NY school in New York. The legendary Fabio Clemente and 2 Time Pan Champion Babs Olusanmokun of Alliance NYC provide us with their trusted and competition savvy instructors! It’s an honor to have them working with us. Our training program focuses on : 1. Muay Thai 2.Boxing for Thai Boxers 3.Strength 4.Flexibility and Conditioning 5.Muay Boran 6.Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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FIGHTING TEAM OF COBAN’S MUAY THAI CAMP Manny Casais James Gregory Michael De Guzman We Believe the ancient art of muay thai is a lifestyle of hard work , challenges and honor. Coban and Coban’s MUAY THAI NYC camp live and breathe muay thai.

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Contact us : Team Coban NYC 20 E. 38th Street (lower level) Between 5th and Madison Ave New York, NY 10016 ph: 212-286-9800 [email protected] THANK YOU

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