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Volunteer English Teachers Needed in China Upload Your CV China is a country that is known to have a lot of vacancies in the teaching field compared to the number of teachers present in the country. That is why the country has come up with several volunteer positions to recruit teachers from different parts of the world. This opportunity will provide benefits for those who wish to come to the country for a short time. It also gives an opportunity to the overseas teachers who wish to explore China without making a long term commitment. This has benefitted not only the person who is coming to the country to teach students but it has also helped a number of people to learn the language. Benefits and perks of volunteer teachers Institutions like ‘Teach in China ’ hire volunteer teachers in China who can visit the poorer areas to teach them English. This has come up only because of the ongoing need of the English lecturers all over the country. In this way the lecturers also get an opportunity to explore the culture of the country or to learn Mandarin. The benefits that these volunteer teachers will give are same as the usual teaching staff.

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Residing period The volunteer teachers get an opportunity to reside in the country for as long as they wish to. If you wish to extend your stay you are free to do that and if you wish to complete it within a short span of time you are even free to do that. There are many institutions where you need to spend a particular amount of time to teach the people but here it will depend on you how much time you wish to invest. Cost and other associate benefits The teacher needs to pay an amount of USD 400 upon arrival. This cost will include pick up as well as drop off from the international airport providing the food and the accommodation finding a suitable volunteer position for you. The best institutes are not interested in making a profit when you are teaching these people as you have come so far to teach the people the language as well as to interact with them. A part of the fee is also used in researching and finding an ideal location and keeping everything ready before you arrive.

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Tips to be considered while applying for an application You will get an extension in your visa if required. You will also get a certificate from “Hebei Province International Education Exchange association ”. You will also get pick up and drop off facilities after arriving. You will also get to learn Chinese language by getting trained through weekly language classes. You will receive various teaching techniques from where you will be able to know the culture as well as the language of Chinese. During this period the accommodation will also be provided to you. Uploading the CV When an applicant is applying the factors that he or she needs to keep in consideration are listed below: He or she needs to fax or email the details that are required to get the job. A complete CV or resume and a cover letter along with a recent picture needs to be submitted by the applicant. A copy of the first page of the passport and the earliest date when he or she can arrive in this country along with the kind of program you are looking for. For how long the applicant wishes to reside in China. All these details need to be submitted while applying for the job.

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