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The demand for English teachers in China is growing in leaps and bounds with each year. The schools, colleges, technical centers, etc. require English teachers and trainers in huge numbers.


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The demand for English teachers in China is growing in leaps and bounds with each year. The schools colleges technical centers etc. require English teachers and trainers in huge numbers. The Government of China is vigorously focussing on the recruitment of more and more teachers in various fields. Moreover some companies make the necessary arrangements to recruit teachers in various institutes with a salary and accommodation package. You can avail of this facility with a little bit of preparation. It would be helpful if you would know some tips for being recruited as a teacher in China. Applying early for Z-visa The positions for teachers are being advertised on top recruiting companies regularly. You need to search for an appropriate position and apply with a plan. The process of a work permit and visa namely the Z-visa takes time in the context of teaching in China. You require about 2 months to get the visa processed. Hence it is preferable to organize everything beforehand. You must be very clear about the objective of visiting China. The 5 Special Tips for Teaching English in china

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documents and other related material should be properly organized. Stress on the details of the recruitment and the teaching period. There is no payment involved You don’t have to pay any agency or organization in the process of being recruited. You need to be careful about not getting duped. Only trustable companies recruit English teachers in China. You must gather information in this regard for the sake of transparency in the procedures. You don’t have to spend any money on registration or in the latter stages of recruitment for teaching in China. There are unscrupulous platforms that may contact you and ask for money. Don’t pay any heed to them and always be alert. Read about the position carefully It is important to carefully do the scrutiny of the position being advertised. The demands for teachers in various institutes and schools are different. You should know all the details of the position. Some of the schools require a more experienced teacher while others need specific

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professional degrees. The advertisement should not confuse you. Reading it properly will help you in your application process. You would be able to understand the requirements and project your strength in the CV. Creating a profile One of the essential steps in the application procedures is creating a strong profile on the recruiting website. You need to focus on your skills and tell about your previous experiences in detail. A well-directed profile helps you to get a job faster. Doing a short stint before arriving It is always a good idea to teach at someplace for a few days before arriving in China. It would brush up your knowledge and also help you to get accustomed to the teaching environment. A strong application The tips will help you in applying for a standard teaching position in China. All the best for your application

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