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If I Didn’t Learn, Did You Teach? :

If I Didn’t Learn, Did You Teach? Shalini Sachdev InspirEd Hyderabad


Debrief In small groups of 3: What kind of teacher do you think Rita Pierson is? Does every child need a teacher like that? Why? Do I want to be that kind of teacher?

PowerPoint Presentation:

When the school bell rings on day one and all our students are in their seats, we will hold the future of this nation and this world in our hands. Whatever we do will have lasting implications, not only on the lives of those students, but also on the lives of all those who they come in contact with. So then, the questions that we should ask ourselves should not be, “How can I make this work?” The question must be, “How can I afford not to make this work?” —Wendy Kopp, “One Day, All Children”

We must be seduced with a sense of …:

We must be seduced with a sense of …

Underlying Beliefs:

Underlying Beliefs Belief 1 : Every student is worthy of dignity and respect Belief 2 : Diversity is both inevitable and positive Belief 3 : The classroom should mirror the kind of society in which we want our students to live Belief 4 : Most students can learn most things that are essential to a given area of study Belief 5 : Each student should have equity of access to excellent learning opportunities Belief 6 : A central goal of teaching is to maximize the capacity of each learner (In Handout)

When we believe in kids, we…:

When we believe in kids, we… Want to sit with struggling children in class While making our lesson plans, incorporate special interests – like Plan different activities for certain children – eg . Different homework Give simple support – eg . sticking the multiplication tables on her desk so that she can participate better or

Why doesn’t it work?:

Why doesn’t it work? External Factors Beliefs Class Management Don’t Know How What we’re doing may not match the need The class environment may not allow what we are trying to do

So… We really need to get to know our students:

So… We really need to get to know our students Affect - How students’ emotions and feelings impact their learning. Readiness - A student’s current knowledge, understanding, and skills. Interest - That which engages the attention, curiosity, and involvement of a student. Learning profile – The ways in which the student best takes in, explores, or expresses content. (In Handout)

Learning Profile:

Learning Profile Learning style Intelligence Preference Gender Culture Environment (In Handout)

And make the environment supportive:

And make the environment supportive Let’s listen to a teacher’s experience…

Lightening Stations:

Lightening Stations Purpose: To skim through LOTS of strategies, and commit to trying out 2 in your own situation. Three Stations: How to get to know our students How to set up a supportive environment Ideas for differentiation


Rules… You will cycle through the stations in three groups of about 15 You get only 5 minutes at each station!!! (Lightening, remember?) At each station you will sit in groups of three, skim an article and discuss how it links to differentiation. You will write your opinions on the chart (1-2 sentences or lots of phrases) When the bell rings, take one article from the station. Leave the chart for the next group to write on.


Commitments… I promise to try…

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