British Literature I- The Restoration & 18th Cent. (Part III of III)

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The Restoration & 18th Century : 

The Restoration & 18th Century (1660 to 1785) The Restoration & 18th Century (1660 to 1785) Charles II of England in Coronation Robes (John Michael Wright) A Philosopher Giving That Lecture on the Orrery, in Which a Lamp is Put in Place of the Sun (Joseph Wright) Great Fire of London (Dutch school) Seal of the Society of the Abolition of Slavery in England (Josiah Wedgewood) ?

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John Dryden The 17th Century Absalom and Achitophel: A Poem Mac Flecknoe Thomas Shadwell “Mac Flecknoe” James Scott “Absalom” John Dryden (unknown artist)

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Aphra Behn The 17th Century Oroonoko, or the Royal Slave Aphra Behn (Sir Peter Lely) The Adoration of the Magi (Hieronymus Bosch)

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Jonathan Swift The 18th Century Gulliver’s Travels A Modest Proposal Gulliver Taking Leave of the Houyhnhnms (Sawrey Gilpin) A Modest Proposal Jonathan Swift (Charles Jervas)

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Alexander Pope The 18th Century The Rape of the Lock The Duncaid: Book the Fourth The Rape of the Lock A Just View of the English Stage (William Hogarth) Alexander Pope (Jonathan Richardson)

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John Gay The 18th Century The Beggar’s Opera John Gay (William Aiken) The Beggar’s Opera (William Hogarth)

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Liberty The 18th Century Mary Astell In Answer to Some Objections to Reflections upon Marriage John Locke Two Treatises of Government Olaudah Equiano The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano John Locke (Sir Godfrey Kneller) Olaudah Equiano (unknown artist) Mary Astell (unknown artist) Tennis Court Oath (Jacques Louis David)