Tayfun Topkoc SAP Vision, Mission & Value of Bee’ah Group

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Tayfun Topkoc SAP chief digital officer of bee’ah group, the Middle East’s leading award winning, fully integrated environment and waste management company. I want to talk about of Tayfun Topkoc SAP Mission, Vision & Value.


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Tayfun Topkoc SAP Vision, Mission & Value Tayfun Topkoc SAP


Vision To become the leading environmental management partner in the Middle East.  Tayfun Topkoc SAP


Mission To provide sustainable solutions in environmental and resource management through  -Integrated Waste Management  -Renewable Energy  -Public Cleansing  -Environmental Protection  -Environmental Consulting  -Facilities Management  -Education & Awareness (Internal & External)  -Sustainable Development  Tayfun Topkoc SAP


• Drive : Bee’ah is driven by the vision of His Highness, the Ruler of Sharjah, to develop the city into the Environmental Capital of the Middle East. The organisation sets ambitious targets and motivates team members to achieve them, in addition to encouraging them to excel and perform to the best of their abilities. Bee’ah also drives the community, to adopt an environment-friendly and sustainable lifestyle, through awareness and education initiatives.  • Inspire : Bee’ah is constantly inspired to lead communities, towards a better future, through innovative approaches. The organisation aims to inspire and educate posterity, about sharing environmental responsibility, while also seeking to inspire personnel to become advocates for environmental change.  • Trust : As a guardian of the city and the communities it serves, Bee’ah is entrusted with the responsibility of providing a sustainable future for generations to come. The organisation also trusts in the potential of its people, to make a positive change for the future. It is such trust that fosters the belief that, communities will support the goal of a more sustainable future, and will utilise the infrastructure put in place, to its full potential. Values Tayfun Topkoc SAP


Tayfun Topkoc SAP

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