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Taste of City The unique concept of Taste of City comes to promote local food of India. There are millions of tourist comes in India and visit many places. They people have curiosity about Indian tradition and want to know about roots of India. So we try to present all the traditional food of India on one platform so that everyone knows about real Indian Traditional Food.

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Specialty about Indian Food Indian Food is as vast as India. You can feel the culture and tradition of India in its food. Thousands types of dishes which are made from uncountable spices and Ingredient creates magic for your tongue which always remains in your mind and heart.

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Enjoy I ndian dishes with Taste of City If you want to enjoy famous and prominent tastes and dishes in any Indian city then you need to prepare yourself to dive into a world of Indian food with Taste of City. Indian cuisine has wide variety of regional cuisines and different food items. Taste of City is designed to provide all the unique delicacy of all the cities on single click and provide you information about famous mouth watering , authentic, delicious and hygienic Indian tastes.

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Taste of City Add: B-19,10-B,Scheme,Gopalpura Road,Rajasthan - 302018,INDIA Ph no: 91 141 6622200/02 Mail us: [email protected] For more information you can contact

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