Find famous dishes in Bhilwara with Taste of City

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Find best taste of Bhilwara with Taste of City


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Find famous dishes in Bhilwara with Taste of City

Enjoy Famous Dishes in Bhilwara:

Enjoy Famous Dishes in Bhilwara Food is very important part of everyone’s life and when it comes about Rajasthani food, then the image of royal delicacy appear in our mind. And such as royal city is Bhilwara . The unique and delicious delicacy of Bhilwara . Bhilwara food has a distinct sweet and spicy flavor and there are many restaurants or street food stalls in Bhilwara that serve the most delicious of Rajasthan.

Pyare Lal Ghewar Chand Beawar Wale ke Gulab Jamun :

Pyare Lal Ghewar Chand Beawar Wale ke Gulab Jamun   When we heard about Gulab Jamun a yummy sweet delicasy appear in our mind. And if you are in Bhilwara and did not eat Gulab Jamun of Pyare lal Ghewar Chand Beawar wala , then you miss the yummiest delicacy of Bhilwara . This deep-frying mawa balls in pure Desi Ghee renders a distinct taste, flavor and fragrance creates sweet aroma and water in your mouth.

Ice Baby Natural Ice Cream ki Guava Ice Cream:

Ice Baby Natural Ice Cream ki Guava Ice Cream There is no one who don’t like ice-cream. No matter how old you are but once you see ice cream you can not yourself with out eating it. Guava ice cream of Ice Baby Natural is one of the unique ice cream which you can not find other than Bhilwara . This nutritious ice cream balanced with mineral rich additives, like- ripe guava pulp, milk, sugar etc. and garnished with a pinch of salt and red chili powder creates a crisp and crunchy wafer is an awesomely sweet and little spicy ice cream.

Haribhai Kachauri Wale ki Kachauri:

Haribhai Kachauri Wale ki Kachauri Everyone eats kachauri when they visit Rajasthan. and Haribhai kachori wala of Bhilwara is famous for is famous for its spicy Kachauris . As the name reflects this shop is famous for serving delectable and spicy Kachauris . These kachauris are different from others because it mixed with various spices and seasoned with red chili powder, salt, coriander leaves, black pepper, cloves, sliced green chilies, ginger etc .this deep-fried spicy snack served hot without any chutney.

Jain Bhelpuri Center ki Bhelpuri:

Jain Bhelpuri Center ki Bhelpuri This delightfully delicious Bhelpuri served at Jain Bhelpuri center made from roasted puffed rice with diced onions, tomatoes, cabbage, capsicum, sliced fruits, like- apple, pine apple, pomegranate, black and green grapes etc. seasoned with salt and black pepper, Bhujia Namkeen , Boondi , very fine-sized Namkeen . This evening snacks can fulfill your little hunger and its spicy flavors can make your day.

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