Three easy tips for you if you are in love with an anxious person

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Three easy tips for you if you are in love with an anxious person According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America depression and anxiety are the most common illnesses in the US troubling around forty million adults. Hence there are high chances that you might be in love with a person who has this problem. Relationships are hard to maintain as is. However if you are in love with a person who has an anxiety problem you are in for more troubles and challenges than others are. However you can follow these tips to deal with tough times with these people: 1. What is anxiety for these people Anxiety for these people is like a bad cold. It makes these people feel unwell at times though not unwell enough to seek psychological help. This can be exhausting as it makes you unsure of when and whether you can trust them. In addition because they don’t seem so ill it can actually become difficult to differentiate when they are under stress and therefore it can get difficult to remain cautious in such situations. If you love this person it is highly important that you be a little considerate towards them. When they do get stressful try to remain calm and deal with the situation likewise. 2. Do not adopt from them People usually adopt qualities from around them. This is normal if you live around people who are all struggling to get good education you would want good education too. It is what we call blending in however it is quite much involuntary than we think it is. Therefore if you spend too much time with an anxious person you might start to adopt anxious behavior. Even though you might not feel so at first but if over time you will realize that you have become anxious yourself. The best way to deal with this problem is to set a list of values for you and create a mental blockade around them. 3. These people feel trapped all the time These people feel helpless in many situations this makes anxiety overcome their minds. You will feel that these people want to speak about the same worries repeatedly. It is as if they will never be able to solve certain problems. Hence if you want to help them feel better teach them that time will pass by and the worries eventually have to go away. Also make them realize that you are working with them as a team that will help them feel much better. Related Article: by-Changing-Your-Attitude-91879.html