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English for Palestine / Grade 9


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red High noisy blue green big tall sad happy naughty calm light heavy small good


He walks slowly An adverb tells us more about a verb Many adverbs end with the suffix “ ly “ but not all Quickly / proudly / dangerously Fast / hard / well The tiger is very fast / adj He always drives fast / adv


Look at the examples again. Tick ( ✓ ) the best way to complete the statements.




dangerous Yasser’s fever is more dangerous than Fuad’s They all have dangerous fevers, but Fuad’s fever is n’t as dangerous as Yasser’s or Majed’s . and Majed’s fever is the most dangerous of them all.


Heavily Yasser is sweating more heavily than Fuad , They are all sweating heavily , but Fuad is n’t sweating as heavily as Yasser and Majed . and Majed is sweating the most heavily of them all 3 - They are all sweating heavily, but Fuad isn’t …


These girls played well in their last match. Use the table to talk about them. Student A : Reema ran really fast. Student B : Y es , but she didn’t run as fast as Sameera . Student A : You’re right, and Lana ran even faster than Sameera . Student B : Yes , Lana ran the fastest out of everyone in the team that day. Have more conversations like this one. 1 - How fast did they run?


Student A : Sameera jumped really well. Student B : Y es , but she didn’t jump as well as Lana. Student A : You’re right, and Reema jumped even better than Lana . Student B : Yes , Reema Jumped the best out of everyone in the team that day. How well did they jump?


Student A : Lana passed the ball really quickly. Student B : Y es , but she didn’t pass it as quickly as Reema . Student A : You’re right, and Sameera passed it even more quickly than Reema . Student B : Yes , Sameera passed it the most quickly out of everyone in the team that day. How quickly did they pass the ball?

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