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English for Palestine / Grade 7 / Unit 3 - Period 2


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7 m


5 m g orilla elephant bee whale


6 m 1 Do you know the names of the animals on this page? 2 Do you know how they communicate? They use signs They make noise They use sounds ike singing They dance


Animals talk to people in different ways and some people learn to understand. Koko is a very intelligent gorilla. She lives with some scientists in the United States. She knows about one thousand signs and she understands about two thousand words in English. Many animals, like dogs, cats and elephants, make a noise to communicate and some animals communicate over a long distance. Whales make a sound like singing and the noise travels hundreds of kilometres under the sea to other whales. 5 m


1 – Why do bees dance? 2- What can Doctor Dolittle do? 5 m + 5m to tell other bees where food is talk to animals in their languages Some animals communicate in other ways. Bees dance when they find food. Then other bees know what direction to go in. Stories about people talking to and understanding animals are popular in English. Three famous stories are Tarzan, The Jungle Book and the Doctor Dolittle books. Doctor Dolittle is a scientist with many animal friends. He talks to them in their languages.


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