Happy Valentines Day

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Happy Valentines Day: 

Happy Valentines Day The history of the romantic holiday Next slide

The beginning of the lovely fad: 

The beginning of the lovely fad Valentines day originated in the time of the Roman Empire The romantic holiday was introduced to the people by a priest named St. Valentine. St. Valentine would marry young men that were outlawed to be married because the were soldiers. Next Slide

A day to express your love: 

A day to express your love Exchange candy or flowers to friends and loved ones. Write a nice card, poem, or story to someone special. Make cookies, cupcakes, or a cake to show somebody you care. Next Slide

When did Valentines Day originate?: 

When did Valentines Day originate? When Columbus arrived in America During the Roman Empire After the 1960’s During the civil war Please select the correct answer

Oops! Try Again! : 

Oops! Try Again! Please review the history of Valentines day! Return to question

YES! Valentines day came around the time of the Roman Empire!: 

YES! Valentines day came around the time of the Roman Empire! I hope everybody has a great Valentines Day! End of lesson


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