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TV Repair Mississauga has all the expertise that clients needs for TV repair and other electronic appliances. For more info visit: www.mississaugatvrepair.com


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Evolution of tv:

Evolution of tv From HD to 4K, Plasma to LED we have seen the dramatic change in the world of television industry. It has been near to century when we saw the 1st television in the world. Till 2000 we use to watch our favourite shows on CRT tv . Each CRT set has a vacuum tube with electron guns that beam red, green and blue electrons onto a phosphor screen. The rays scan the dark screen, building up thousands of red green or blue dots to create picture. Now it was required a big change and in 2007 we saw a first change in Tv as LCD tv .

About LCD’s:

About LCD’s LCD have a backlight made from CCFL lamps, which shine through a polarising filter and a matrix of colour liquid coloured crystal cells. Each cell lets in a different amount of colour creating a picture. Plasma screens were comprised of thousands of cells between glass panels. Each of the cells (or pixels) holds a gas and when an electrical charge passes through a reaction occurs and red, green or blue light is emitted depending on the current. However, they were less energy efficient than LCD, and as the price of LCD sets dropped they were eventually overtaken in popularity by LCD and LED technology.

NEW era:

NEW era In 2014 new era started, era of Smart tv . They have gone slimmer and more advance in term of technology. All the major manufactures make smart TVs. The interfaces are different but all include apps you can use to stream content or use extra features. These include free TV on demand apps BBC iPlayer or 4OD, subscription services like Netflix, or social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Now in present year, again we saw a change - OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) TV sets are a variation on LED, but without a backlight.

What we can do for you ?:

What we can do for you ? With all such changes the circuit board have become complex. It has become quite difficult to repair the latest Tv set. But here at Mississauga tv repair we have all advance tools and equipment to repair such delegate television. From LCD to Plasma to LED and now Smart OLED T v we can easily fix and repair the television.

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