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HTML6: TOP 5 REASONS WHY YOUR BUSINESS SHOULD CARE Tentacle Solutions – 0141 354 1444 272 Bath Street https://tentacle.solutions/articles/html6_corporate_software.aspx

2. Pluggable pre-processors.:

2. Pluggable pre-processors. With visitor’s attention span and patience at their lowest, you need to make sure that the sites load as fast as possible using the least amount of resources. The next iterations of HTML would allow plugging pre-processors like Jade or something developed specifically for you right into the page. This would improve the coding speed, the quality of the site , and the overall user experience . 11

3. Quick Authentication.:

3. Quick Authentication. Browsers will need to provide high & fast authentication while accessing HTML6. The trusted software will help the browser and site to work perfectly. The browser can offer sign tokens with embedded keys rather than cookies. 12

4. Browser-sizing images.:

4. Browser-sizing images. It can be tiring to adapt the size of your site and app for mobile, laptop, PC, and a million other devices even with responsive designs. The perfect look always varies from device to device. The HTML6 will suggest a desired width or height for the best look of an image.

5. More Annotation Options.:

5. More Annotation Options. HTML structure supports annotation with paragraphs, sentences, words, etc. Developers also want the ability to annotate images and videos. That way, all websites and browsers offer annotations equally. The W3C has a group studying this and they are offering some recommendations. 14


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