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WHY YOU NEED B2B APPS NOW MORE THAN EVER Tentacle Solutions – 0141 354 1444 272 Bath Street https://tentacle.solutions/articles/b2b_cloud_app.aspx


WHY YOU NEED B2B APPS When Strategy Analytics predicted last year that growing demand will drive the B2B apps market to $140 billion by 2023 and that B2B apps could account for half of all mobile software revenue within just two years, little did they know how many businesses will turn to remote work and frantically search for cloud-based B2B apps .


The first quarter of 2020 changed the way people do business and those who were ready, who chose to make their businesses more flexible and adaptive by opting for cloud-based B2B solutions .

What is a b2b app? Why would your company need it?:

What is a b2b app ? Why would your company need it? Businesses use B2B applications to connect with other businesses, clients or employees within the company.

B2C Apps:

B2C Apps B2C apps are perhaps the most well-known type, as they are commonly found in places such as the App Store or Google Play Store. They can be anything - from e-commerce apps that serve as exclusive online stores for your company to loyalty apps that provide customer loyalty and rewards to games, utilities and everything in between.

What’s a B2B App:

What’s a B2B App B2B apps are a whole lot different. Businesses use B2B applications to connect with other businesses, clients or employees within the company. Some B2B apps may be available to the public, while others are exclusively used in-house. Many of the applications that fall into this category are enterprise apps designed to fulfil a specific need, such as in-house inventory management or a portal used to assign and manage projects.


Generally, two types of apps are available. The one that is available via download on a company website or through one or both of the app stores, with users (such as clients, customers , or employees ) entering a login to access the app's UI.


Second - more adjusted for internal use and is available only to a specific company's employees , with downloads strictly limited. Access to the app download area usually requires a login. Enterprise apps usually fall into this category.


When your company suddenly needs to set up a home office for your employees because of a catastrophic pandemic , transferring all of the inventory management, project management, data collection, and sharing, when you have a B2B cloud-based app and database , is a smooth and pleasant experience that wouldn't disrupt the operation of your business and reaffirm the reliability of your company to your customer and suppliers.

How to choose a proper B2B app developer:

How to choose a proper B2B app developer There is a myriad of developers who are ready to develop the next iteration of "clash of kings" or "candy crush". They can be talented developers and good programmers, but they are not what you need for your company.


B2B development requires a particular set of skills and experiences, for example - security . The app and the back-end systems that support it must protect sensitive customer data and confidential corporate information.


Not many. While Tentacle Solutions has received Cyber Essentials certification and get eternally audited to confirm the adherence to government security standards. Your App and your data will be safe with them. How many freelance developers can guarantee that?


If you need help developing a B2B mobile app for your company, the experienced team at Tentacle Solutions is happy to assist. Based in Glasgow, Scotland, we deal with all facets of app development , including predictive analytics, testing, creative UI/UX services and more. Contact us today to learn how we can help you create a one-of-a-kind app to suit your unique needs. Tentacle Solutions


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