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CDN in times of COVID19:

CDN in times of COVID19 Tentacle Solutions – 0141 354 1444 272 Bath Street https://tentacle.solutions/articles/freelancer_recession.aspx

How to protect your business from crashing :

How to protect your business from crashing Before the COVID-19 crisis, it could be anything a result of a successful marketing campaign, holiday season, even certain parts of the day when you get a sudden spike in traffic that can unexpectedly send your cloud-based corporate software or your front-end site into a digital coma.


Lately, there is no need to wonder what happened - internet usage has spiked for everyone, every site, and every service because of COVID quarantine. In almost all regions, the largest increases in traffic volume occurred immediately after public policy announcements , such as school closures or stay-at-home orders.


Similarly, the most dramatic decreases in download speed followed the official starts of those policies — presumably when populations made the shift to staying home.


A Content Delivery Network (CDN) provides alternative server nodes for users to access your corporate database , your front-end website, and everything else that operates online.

CDN and WFH:

CDN and WFH If your business has shifted to the Work-From-Home model, which is easier with a cloud-based solution like the one Tentacle provided here or your customers have shifted from interacting with you in a brick-and-mortar store to dealing online, it is essential that your site and systems and handle it. CDN will come in handy in that task.


CDN A Content Delivery Network (CDN) provides alternative server nodes for users to access your corporate database , your front-end website, and everything else that operates online. These nodes spread throughout the world, so that the closest one to the user accepts and delivers the request, ensuring faster response and download time of content due to reduced latency and increased stability.


The hosted database or a front-end site combined with the volume of traffic it can attract, puts a significant strain on the servers, increases the latency, and the loading speeds and nobody wants those. You don’t want hundreds of angry, stuck-at-home visitors tweeting about the technical issues on your site.


This is an often-overlooked solution since a lot of companies erroneously assume that CDN is a for those who expect a Facebook or Amazon volume of traffic and they can hold anything smaller than that themselves.


Instead, think of the user experience – i.e. global CDN allows users from the Netherlands to access content from a closer source instead of reaching across the Atlantic to get load your site.

Tentacle Solutions:

If you need consultation on CDN or you need help developing custom corporate software and cloud-based B2B app for your company, the experienced team at Tentacle Solutions is happy to assist. Based in Glasgow, Scotland, we deal with all facets of skilled games, including predictive analytics, testing, creative UI/UX services, and more. Contact us today to learn how we can help you create a one-of-a-kind app to suit your unique needs. Tentacle Solutions

Contact us:

Contact us Find Us Mail Us Website 272 Bath Street [email protected] https://tentacle.solutions/ Glasgow G2 4JR Phone Us 0141 354 1444 Social Media https://twitter.com/tentacleuk - @TentacleUK https://www.facebook.com/TentacleSolutions/ - @TentacleSolutions https://www.instagram.com/tentaclesolutionsuk/?hl=en - TentacleSolutionsUK

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