Electronic Logging Devices

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Electronic Logging Devices:

Electronic Logging Devices Ashley Sztukowski

Introduction :

Introduction Transportation Industry Safety Hours of Service Drivers who use the ELD will have better safety scores than those drivers who use a manual log

Electronic Logging Device:

Electronic Logging Device Trucking GPS Up to date f eedback to d ispatchers Bluetooth Hours of Service Alerts

Literature Reviews:

Literature Reviews National Highway Traffic Safety Association 82 hour work weeks cut down to 70 hours Fatigue driving Shift Employees Safety concern for families and companies 33,561 people died 2.3 million injured Drivers dossing off

Research Study:

Research Study Study One: Safety Scores Online Survey Study Two: Focus Groups

Study 1:

Study 1 Safety Scores Pilot Drivers Repeated Measure Design Prior to testing, 6 weeks, 3 months into testing Point Base for Safety Scores Descriptive Statistics Online Survey 10 Questions Thoughts on the Device

Study 2:

Study 2 Focus Group Consists of 5-7 participants Drivers, Managers, and Dispatchers Gather thoughts on the device Verbatim Transcription

Results & Conclusion:

Results & Conclusion Study 1 Safety Scores External Validity Demographics Age, gender, race Survey Study 2 Gather further data from drivers, dispatchers, External validity Reliability Information Codes and themes

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