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If you are looking for an eco-friendly bamboo flooring material at Sydney, then look at our Infinite Bamboo range. All range of infinite bamboo flooring will meet your needs with its large selection of colour, style and affordability. We have many infinite bamboo flooring types like natural, champagne, french bleed, walnut, dark coffee, carbonized, brown sugar, mohogany, grey wash, australiana, etc. For more information about infinite bamboo flooring then you can call us @ 02 9663 1360 or visit us @


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Natural Bamboo which is technically a grass offers many performance aesthetic and sustainable benefits of traditional hardwood flooring. In terms of sustainability bamboo offers many benefits first of all being non-toxic. Besides its toxicity it is renewable recyclable and biodegradable. Bamboo is considered a rapidly renewable resource and is able to be harvested every 6 years. Bamboo regenerates without planting and requires very minimal fertilization. Furthermore bamboo releases 35 more oxygen then trees making bamboo one of the top natural floors on the market. Our natural bamboo is sourced from the Moso species and is grown in cold mountain climates producing a stalk that is harder and more dense than a valley grown bamboo. If you are looking for an eco-friendly flooring material bamboo can meet your needs with its large selection of color style and affordability. In comparison to wood species Natural Bamboo is 27 harder than oak and 13 harder than maple. Natural Bamboo is composed of complex fibers that do not absorb moisture as easily as wood. Natural Bamboo flooring is guaranteed to not cup under customary and normal use. The 3-ply horizontal and vertical construction provides assurance that our Natural Bamboo planks will not delaminate. A technically advanced aluminum oxide coating outlasts traditional finishes 3 to 4 times over. These features combine to make Natural Bamboo an exceptionally stable flooring material. Furthermore the new woven/ strand bamboo flooring material is now one of the hardest flooring types available on the market. The name Natural Bamboo has always been associated with the highest standards of quality in the flooring industry. With the introduction of Premium quality Natural Bamboo flooring and accessories we continue our commitment to supplying superior products. The best bamboo flooring produced today is Natural Bamboo. 002 001 From Bamboo Beyong Wood

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To smash Bamboo stems cut from the selected bamboo with corresponding length. To remove the outer green skin and internal knots from bamboo strips. To wipe out the sugar and other nutritional components so that bamboo stripes gain the ability against mould and insects. To dry the boiled bamboo strips in kiln for several days. Several strips are glued together and compressed to create asolid bamboo board. To cut the huge bamboo billet into small slabs of various thickness for different design demands. To apply seven layers of primer coat and five layers of finishing coat to each piece of final high quality end product. Smashing Removing Boiling Drying Cutting Coatting Pressing 004 003

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1. Do-It Yourself Friendly Installation no nails or glue 2. Strand Woven Version is the hardest flooring on the market 3. Easy to replace damage to individual planks 4. Utilizes transition pieces to expand and contract with moisture fluctuations. Will not gap like traditional wood due to floor connecting mechanism and the ability to expand and contract 005

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European standards recommended in 2000 by the European Panel Industry defined formaldehyde emissions ratings. Original ratings included E1 measuring 9mg/100g and below E2 measuring greater than 9mg/100g to below 30mg/100g and E3 measuring a greater than 30mg/100g ratio. Pressure for more stringent standards led to a new ratings classification E0 based on emissions measuring 0.5mg per liter and below. Europeans test methodology is based on the Perforator Test Method which measures the formaldehyde levels inside the wood specimen. Set for January 1 2010 will force formaldehyde emissions in adhesives even lower to 0.05 ppm a higher standard than that of the European E0. 008

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Janka Hardness Scale Stability Scale Janka short for the Janka Scale or Janka Hardness Rating is a way of communicating how hard a wood is. The Janka Hardness Chart lists woods by their rating. 010 009

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012 011 Carbonized P18 Dark Coffee P17 Brown Sugar P19 Walnut P16 French Bleed P15 P13 Natural P14 Champagne P21 Grey Wash P22 Australiana P20 Mohogany LocFold WICLOC 183013514mm 6 pcs / 1.4823m 2 70 boxes . 103.76m 2 Panel Box Pallet Installation Beveling mm mm Dimension Thickness

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Natural LocFold 4 Sides Micro 1830 135 14 014 013 Champagne LocFold 4 Sides Micro 1830 135 14

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French Bleed LocFold 4 Sides Micro 1830 135 14 016 015 Walnut LocFold 4 Sides Micro 1830 135 14

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Dark Coffee LocFold 4 Sides Micro 1830 135 14 018 017 Carbonized LocFold 4 Sides Micro 1830 135 14

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Mohogany Brown Sugar LocFold LocFold 4 Sides Micro 4 Sides Micro 1830 135 1830 135 14 14 020 019

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Grey Wash LocFold 4 Sides Micro 1830 135 14 022 021 Australiana LocFold 4 Sides Micro 1830 135 14