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El Subjuntivo:

El Subjuntivo Hearing perspective & influence in Language

The idea behind this…:

The idea behind this… Subjuntive is a Mood Mood is our governing perception what is ( verb tenses ) Is it real/was it r it is not…yet (future hope/sentence creation reflects judgement) It is the most governing part of Language, it determines verbs or tenses Mood Indicative vs. Subjunctive present present Present progressive imperfect Tenses preterite imperfect present perfect Sentence creation I go to the park We wanted her to go to the park The full name of this has been kept from you ! ? ! ? !! of the indicative of the subjunctive of the indicative of the subjunctive of the indicative of the indicative of the indicative


Indicative is real, was real, it happened!


Subjunctive needs to be: Birthed Taught Encouraged It is not real …. yet


It just almost extinct in English!…it exists in concept not in verb conjugation (no tense) It has three possibilities 1 a conjugated tense in the present 2 an infinitive 3 the future tense It has two subject pronouns 90% of the times, Perhaps is the our only exception Listen to it: The vet recommends that we walk the dog every day We want her to come to the party on Saturday! It is possible that you will buy the house, You may buy the house She needs you to buy the drinks for the party Activated verb Infinitive verb Future tense infinitive verb

Characteristics of the Subjunctive:

Characteristics of the Subjunctive This is heady!! It is an idea, structure, and conjugation ►It is a message that is translated into a verb….it is perspective WEDING ** Here you have to think about what you are saying ► It typically has two people ► It typically has a “que” between the sentences ► The first verb is indicative , the second is subjunctive ► **You will need to know the present “ Yo ” form really well…..ALL verbs use this root AR ER/IR e emos a amos es as e en a an


Weding W for will , my will or wish is being applied to a person…kind bossing around. indicative subjunctive 1. We recommend that he visits his grandma 2. I don’t advise that you to buy a house now 3. They counsel that I read these books 4. She prefers that we eat at Panera My mom wants me to clean the kitchen (subjunctive classic *) 6. They need you to bring the dog into the garage W


Weding A R ule, the Law, a Moral Code, Medical Research is the influence 1. It is good that you write the verbs 2. It is bad that he drives quickly on the snow 3. It is important that we give money to the hospital 4. It is better that they make the cake tonight I

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