Dirty War in Iraq

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Last chance to questionUS Dirty Bombs for Iraq Dai Williams, independent researcher, UK : 

<![CDATA[ Updated war plans, February 2003 Eos Life-Work Last chance to question US Dirty Bombs for Iraq Dai Williams, independent researcher, UK ? Key questions and hazard warnings from Uranium weapons 2001-2003: Hazards of Uranium weapons for Afghanistan and Iraq Sent to the UK Government in October 2002. ISBN 0-9532083-8-9 Oleg Nikishin © Getty Images ]]>

2 basic questions: 

<![CDATA[ 2 basic questions 1) What is the secret, high density metal used in the new generation of hard target guided bombs and missiles? Radiological weapons destroy the health and lives of troops, civilians and their children for friends and enemies. They are forbidden under Articles 35 & 55 of the 1st Protocol additional to the Geneva Convention. 2) If this mystery metal is Uranium how can national leaders and governments justify or support the use of radiological bombs - weapons of indiscriminate effect - in Afghanistan and Iraq? GBU-28 Bunker buster]]>

What is the secret dense metal ?Hard target warhead metals & alloys compared:: 

<![CDATA[ What is the secret dense metal ? Hard target warhead metals & alloys compared: * Refer Depleted Uranium weapons 2001-2002, Part 3, for details and sources ]]>

Dense metal warhead uses & hazards: 

<![CDATA[ Dense metal warhead uses & hazards ]]>

Sizes of known & suspected Uranium warheads: 

<![CDATA[ Sizes of known & suspected Uranium warheads Anti-tank penetrators 0.3 - 5 kg (DU) Cluster bomb shaped charge liners ~ 0.5 kg Shaped charge missiles 4 - 200 kg AGM & cruise missiles 200 - 500 kg Guided bombs 250 - 1500 kg Thermobaric bombs (new 2002) 500+ kg Big BLU guided bomb (new 2002/3) 5,000+ kg ? Secret ‘dense metal’]]>

Internet sources used for weapons, combat, health and environment data: 

<![CDATA[ Internet sources used for weapons, combat, health and environment data USAF Mission Plan 1997 - hard target warhead upgrades Federation of American Scientists - weapon reports Center for Defense Information, Washington - combat data Boeing, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Alliant, Primex, MSC - weapons and / or uranium munitions manufacturers US Patent Office - warhead designs & concepts Jane’s Defence Information, London - uranium use UK Ministry of Defence - U warhead development & testing UK Parliament Hansard records - MP questions & answers UNEP, WHO, IAEA, MSF, Reuters Health - reports Uranium Medical Research Center, Canada - contamination Low Level Radiation Campaign, UK - U epidemiology Military Toxics Project, USA - veterans & contamination Internet links available in Eos online reports]]>

US Patents confirm Uranium warheads: 

<![CDATA[ US Patents confirm Uranium warheads This new hard target warhead has Tungsten and Uranium penetrator options. The upgraded 2000 lb warhead is called BLU-116 and can be used in GBU-15, 24, 27, 31 & AGM-130C guided bombs plus BLU-118/B Thermobaric bomb. e.g. US Patent 6,389,977 2000 lb Shrouded Aerial Bomb BLU-109/B warhead upgrade Lockheed Martin 1997-2002 ...]]>


<![CDATA[ Hard target guided weapons in 2002: smart bombs and missiles with ‘dense metal’ warheads (Up to 2000 kg. 50-75% may be Uranium Figure 1 from Uranium weapons 2001-2003, at www.eoslifework.co.uk/u23.htm#fig1 …. 23 suspected Uranium weapon systems]]>

Combat use of suspected Uranium weaponsY = Yes, use reported. Suspected U P = Prototype versions: 

<![CDATA[ Combat use of suspected Uranium weapons Y = Yes, use reported. Suspected U P = Prototype versions ?]]>

Weapons & health in AfghanistanOctober 2001-January 2003: 

<![CDATA[ Weapons & health in Afghanistan October 2001-January 2003 6,000 + guided weapons, bombs & missiles estimated 1/3rd used Hard Target warheads for command centres, bunkers, caves. average ‘dense metal’ per weapon 500 kg 7 scenarios from ‘no uranium’ to worst case scenario 1000+ tons Uranium warheads > widespread contamination. No UNEP survey. Fatal epidemics included haemorrhagic fever out of season, fatal coughs with bleeding and highest maternal mortality rate in the world (Reuters etc). Sick civilians near bomb targets had 100x normal uranium contamination in urine (www.umrc.net) ? ?]]>

Weapons with known or suspected Uranium warheads to be used in Iraq: 

<![CDATA[ Weapons with known or suspected Uranium warheads to be used in Iraq Guided bombs GBU-28 & 37 Bunker busters (2 tons) GBU-15, 24, 27 and 31 JDAM (2000 lbs) GBU-32 JDAM (1000 lbs) GBU-118/B Thermobaric Big BLU DSHTW (10 tons) Cruise & other missiles: AGM-86D (CALCM) BGU-109 Tactical Tomahawk AGM-130C AGM-142 Raptor AGM-154C JSOW AGM-158 JSSAM Storm Shadow / SCALP ER TOW 2 AGM-65 G Maverick Hellfire / Brimstone Sub-munitions (cluster bombs) BLU-108/B anti-tank BLU-97B CEM Anti-armour penetrators (known DU) 25 mm, 30 mm, 105 mm. ?]]>

Feared US Dirty War scenario for Iraq: 

<![CDATA[ Feared US Dirty War scenario for Iraq Expected 700+ guided missiles, 9000+ guided bombs plus DU anti-armour penetrators (NYT 2 Feb). Suspected 1500+ tons of Uranium oxide contamination (5x more than 1991 and from 100x larger weapons). Airborne Uranium oxide suspended in radio-active dust haze for months due to summer heat. No civilian protection > severe contamination risk > 2nd radiation health disaster - genocide. Target areas permanently uninhabitable > major refugee exodus. Ongoing radioactive dust protection impractical > internal radiation risk for 200,000+ allied troops, expatriate NGOs, oil workers - fratricide. ? ?]]>

5 international arms control prioritiesfor suspected Uranium weapons: 

<![CDATA[ 5 international arms control priorities for suspected Uranium weapons 1. UN to veto combat use of 23 suspected uranium weapon systems and to conduct full inspection. 2. Environmental testing of bomb & missile targets in Balkans, Afghanistan & Iraq no-fly zones (UNEP). 3. Uranium testing & health monitoring for troops & civilians exposed to Uranium weapons since 1991 4. Medical aid, environmental protection & compensation for all contaminated communities. 5. Review of all DU medical research, policy & law to include large & undepleted uranium weapons. affirm ………. …..]]>

Further information: 

<![CDATA[ Further information Recent Eos reports and warnings Afghan report (Jan 2002) www.eoslifework.co.uk/du2012.htm Iraq analysis (Sept) www.eoslifework.co.uk/pdfs/Uhaziraq1.pdf US warhead patents (Oct) www.eoslifework.co.uk/pdfs/USpats.pdf Letter to Tony Blair (Oct) www.eoslifework.co.uk/pdfs/Uhazltrblair.pdf Iraq summary and updates www.eoslifework.co.uk/u23.htm Author Dai Williams, M.Sc. independent researcher, Eos, UK Email [email protected] Copyright © Eos 2003 See also recent Uranium health, environmental and radiation research projects at www.umrc.net & www.llrc.org ]]>

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