U1 Lesson B - Identify Family Members

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Unit 1 Friends and Family Lesson B: Identify family members . Vocabulary : Family members . Speaking : Introduce your family to your classmates . Lic. Angie Katherine Buitrón Fernández

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Family members Husband daughter grandmother wife Father grandson parents son Grandfather child / children brother sister Mother granddaughter niece nephew Uncle siblings grandparents grandchildren Aunt cousin sister -in- law brother -in- law Males Females Males or Females husband wife Parents Father Grandfather Son Brother Grand son Uncle Nephew Brother -in- law Mother Grandmother Daughter Sister granddaughter Aunt Niece Sister -in- law Grandparents Children Siblings Grandchildren Relatives Cousin

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The Simpsons This is my family . We are 5 members . My name is Bart and I have two sisters . Their names are Lisa and Maggie . This is my father . His name is Homer . This is my mother . Her name is Marge . My grandfather on my father’s side is Grampa and my grandmother on my mother’s side is Granma. I have two aunts . Their names are Patty and Selma. They are my mother’s sisters . This is our dog . His name is “Huesos”.

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