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Get Free Daily current affairs of 20th November 2018 for UPSC, IAS, PCS, Bank, SSC, CGL, and all govt job exams preparation. We also provide latest burning issues, Online coaching classes for all govt exam and many more by the Indian best trainer for more PDF visit our website https://studyiq.com


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Ans:b Q4 After the incident in Amritsar last month the Indian Railways has decided to build _______ km of walls to fence its tracks and ward off trespassers in residential areas a 3000 Km b 2500 Km c 4000 Km d 3700 Km Ans:a Q5 Who has won Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace Disarmament and Development 2018 Award a UNHCR b UNICEF c CSE d ISRO Ans:c Q6 Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education KITE has unveiled its Online Open Learning training platform named what a Samagra b Step c Kool d Hope Ans:c Q7 Who has been awarded with Sumitra Charat Ram Award for Lifetime Achievement a A R Rahman b Ustad Amjad Ali Khan c Zakir Hussain d Lata Mangeshkar Ans:b Q8Who has been elected as the President of Association of Surgeons of India ASI a Tamonas Chaudhuri b Arvind Kumar c Raghu Ram d Rahul Prajapati Ans:c

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d Prajnesh Gunneswaran Ans:d Q13 Banamali Maharana who passed away recently was known for playing which music instrument a Ektara b Shehnai c Mardala d Sarangi Ans:c Q14 Ministry of AYUSH celebrated the first Naturopathy Day on which date a November 19 b November 17 c November 15 d November 18 Ans:d Q15 Name the Nissan company’s chairman who was arrested due to financial misconduct a Carlos Ghosn b Greg Kelly c James Hackett d Daniel Ackerson Ans:a Q16 On November 19 2018 the 190th birth anniversary of Rani Lakshmi Bai was celebrated she was born in which city a Jhansi b Jhabua c Varanasi d Mathura Ans:c Q17 The Kundli-Manesar-Palwal expressway also known as Western Peripheral Expressway was inaugurated by Narendra Modi in which city a Karnal b Amritsar c Gurugram d Noida

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Ans:c Q18 After Maharashtra and Gujarat which state has become the countrys third state to ban hookah bars or lounges a Madhya Pradesh b Haryana c Jharkhand d Punjab Ans:d Q19 Bhagat movement is related to which of the following tribes of India a Birhor b Bhil c Santal d Kol Ans:b Q20 Central Institute of Indian Languages is situated in which city a Kochi b Delhi c Mysore d Kolkata Ans:c Q21 In context with the Indian music Abhang are the devotional songs dedicated to which among the following gods a Jagannatha b Narayana c Vitthal d Vamana Ans:c Q22 Chandan Kumar Sarkar who passed away recently was the former minister of which state a Sikkim b Assam c Manipur d Mizoram Ans:b Q23 International Mens Day 2018 was observed on

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a November 18 b November 17 c November 19 d November 16 Ans:c Q24 Who has won the 2018 Rookie of the Year award on European Tour a Shubhankar Sharma b Anirban Lahiri c Rashid Khan d Sujjan Singh Ans:a Q25 Which Indian pair has won the WTA Taipei Open in Women’s Doubles a Riya Bhatia and Karman Thandi b Ankita Raina and Tara Iyer c Tara Iyer and Riya Bhatia d Ankita Raina and Karman Thandi Ans:d Q26Who has won the IBSF World Billiards Championship titles a B Bhaskar b Pankaj Advani c Geet Sethi d Subhash Agrawal Ans:b