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Human Sexuality & Fertility:

Human Sexuality & Fertility Pamela Dennis RNC-OB MSN

Sexuality and Reproductive Health Care:

Sexuality and Reproductive Health Care Community based perspective – majority of women’s health care is given outside acute care Reproductive implications relate to pregnancy, birth control, STDs, other health concerns Nurse’s role: educator, counselor, care provider

Providing Contraceptive Care :

Providing Contraceptive Care Methods of Contraception 1. Medication free methods 2. Barrier methods 3. Hormonal methods

Medication-Free Methods:

Medication-Free Methods Natural Family Planning Fertility Awareness Coitus Interruptus Lactational amenorrhea methos Abstinence

Barrier methods:

Barrier methods Inexpensive Some protect against STDs Must be used prior to intercourse Water-based lubricant – NOT oil-based Few side effects Key: consistent and correct use

Barrier Methods:

Barrier Methods Diaphragm

Barrier Methods:

Barrier Methods Cervical Cap

Barrier Methods:

Barrier Methods Spermicides Male and female condoms

Hormonal Methods:

Hormonal Methods Oral Contraceptives - ACHES DepoProvera Transdermal contraceptiive patch Vaginal contraceptive ring

Noncontraceptive Benefits :

Noncontraceptive Benefits 1. Regulate mentrual bleeding 2. Mediate menopausal symptoms 3. Premenstrual disorders


Contraindications Smoking and age > 35 Moderate/severe hypertension Undiagnosed uterine bleeding Diabetes with vascular complications History of deep vein thrombosis

Troublesome Side Effects:

Troublesome Side Effects Headaches Breakthrough bleeding Nausea Breast Tenderness Cyclic weight gain

Intrauterine Device (IUD) :

Intrauterine Device (IUD) Mirena - progestin IUD Copper IUD Warning Signs: PAINS


Benefits No continued expense No daily attention No interference with intercourse May decrease risk of endometrial cancer

Side Effects/Contraindications:

Side Effects/Contraindications Irregular bleeding Amenorrhea Pelvic infections Current STD Genital tract cancer Uterine anomalies, fibroids


Sterilization Female - bilateral tubal ligation Male - vasectomy

Emergency Postcoital Contraception:

Emergency Postcoital Contraception Hormonal Methods 1. Preven 2. Plan B First dose within 72 hours of unprotected IC, next dose 12 hours later, NAUSEA! Copper-releasing IUD

Nursing Care:

Nursing Care Assessment Emotional support Observe for complications Schedule follow-up appointment Discharge teaching


Infertility Defined as >12 months of actively attempting pregnancy without success Nurses’s role Educate Counsel


Assessments Female Thyroid function tests Glucose tolerance test Hormonal levels Ultrasonography Endometrial biopsy Hystrerosalpingogram Laparoscopy


Male Semen analysis Additional tests

Treatment Options:

Treatment Options Medications to induce ovulation Surgical options Therapeutic insemination Advanced reproductive technologies IUI IVF

Ethical/Legal Considerations:

Ethical/Legal Considerations Financial implications Donor confidentiality Factual information about advantages and limitations of techniques

Potential effect on Couple’s Relationship:

Potential effect on Couple’s Relationship Emotional stress Feelings of disappointment and failure Sense of loss and grief Intercourse changes to goal-oriented procedure

Additional Options :

Additional Options Surrogacy - gestational carrier Adoption Child-free lifestyle