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Chapter 22 Ethics and Values:

Chapter 22 Ethics and Values

Basic Terms in Health Ethics:

Basic Terms in Health Ethics 1. Autonomy A. Agreement to keep promises 2. Beneficence B. Commitment to include clients in decisions 3. Nonmaleficence C. Avoidance harm or hurt 4. Justice D. Taking positive actions to help others 5. Fidelity E. Being fair

Professional Nursing Code of Ethics:

Professional Nursing Code of Ethics A set of guiding principles that all members of a profession accept Helps professional groups settle questions about practice or behavior Includes responsibility, accountability, and confidentiality


Values A personal belief about the worth of a given idea, attitude, custom, or object that sets standards that influence behavior Value formation Value clarification

Ethics and Philosophy:

Ethics and Philosophy Deontology Defines actions as right or wrong Utilitarianism Proposes that the value of something is determined by its usefulness Feminine ethics Focuses on the inequality between people Ethic of care Emphasizes the importance of understanding relationships, especially as they are revealed in personal narratives

How to Process an Ethical Dilemma:

How to Process an Ethical Dilemma Step 1: Ask if this is an ethical dilemma. Step 2: Gather all relevant information. Step 3: Clarify values. Step 4: Verbalize the problem. Step 5: Identify possible courses of action. Step 6: Negotiate a plan. Step 7: Evaluate the plan.

Issues in Bioethics:

Issues in Bioethics Quality of life: Central to discussions about futile care, cancer therapy, physician-assisted suicide, and DNR Futile care: Interventions unlikely to produce benefit for the client Allocating scare resources: A key issue in discussions about access to care The nursing shortage: Produces difficult working conditions and affects clients outcomes

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