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USB cables are one of the most useful and required accessories to any electronic device, mainly mobile phones.


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How can you charge your device more efficiently The phone has become one of the most-used electronics in today’s world. But with more ease these handsets can hardly last a whole day without being charged again and charging it every other minute can be quite frustrating and might not be feasible. However this trend is not going away anytime soon. As the battery capacity of a phone increases so does the drain from using apps and games. New kinds of cables like the Type C USB Cable and lighting cable has been introduced to lessen the time it takes to charge the phone fully. Fortunately there are several other things you can do to charge your phone significantly faster. Further mentioned below are a few steps that can ensure your device charges faster:

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1. Put the device on Airplane Mode One of the main reasons why your phone’s battery depletes faster than it should is network connectivity. The general rule is if you have bad signal strength your phone’s battery will drain faster. However there is a way out of this. If you put your phone on airplane mode before the network connectivity will not have an effect on the charge. This will not only allow your phone to charge faster but also maintain that for a longer time. 2. Switch off the device This is one of the most basic considerations but is often skipped out. Switching off your device before or while it is charging considerably reduces the time it takes to fill the battery. It charges a lot faster because there are no background processes or activities draining the battery while charging.

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3. Choose a Wall plug instead of your computer We often plug our phones into cars or laptops to charge them however this is one of the most inefficient ways of charging your phone. Usually a wall socket offers around 1A charge depending on the device you are using while a non-wall socket provides an output of 0.5 A. Although this might not seem like a huge difference it sure does have a significant effect in the long run. You can even use Magnetic USB Cable chargers for ease of use. 4. Use the designated cable for charging USB cables are one of the direct influences of how fast your phone is charging. Each phone company has now come up with the best solution that fits the requirements of their mobile phones. The difference between an original cable and a third-party one can be the game-

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changer. For instance an IPHONE USB Cable is specifically designed to be the most efficient for an Apple device. Using the cable given by your service provider will not only be the most effective in charge your phone but also improve the longevity of the device and cable bolt. These certain points can efficiently help you overcome the problem of charging your phone over and over again. With these pointers kept in mind you can easily ensure that your device is charged effectively and does not deplete quickly. Contact us: Business Name: Starstone Cable Contact Person: Tom zhou Country/Region: China Street Address: Dalingshan City: Dongguan State: Guangdong Postal Code: 523000 Phone No: 13691829301 Email Address: Website:

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