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Sparkenhoe Business Centre provides start up facilities for your business. It ranges from commercial properties to rented ones, business premises, storage and car parking facilities. We offer a wide range of options for manufacturing office space and everything as per your need. We have a full team of experienced professionals, who offer customer support round the clock. We consider the clients’ anxiety seriously and we provide managed workspace for all businesses, to start up and for growth purposes.


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Benefits of Business Center Presented By Sparkenhoe Business Center Ltd

PowerPoint Presentation: Looking office space for your business – Mentioned tips help you to find the best premises. Space Requirements Start-up Capital Recurring Expenses Support Team Fully Furnishing and Equipements Technical Support Saving Time

PowerPoint Presentation: Space Requirements : The workstations may vary in size up to the maximum, and the actual dimensions and configuration will vary depending on the site, functional, requirements and availability of space.

PowerPoint Presentation: Start-up Capital : You don't have invest in furniture and equipments. Instalation costs, security deposits and other start up expensive.

PowerPoint Presentation: Support Team : In a business center you have advantages of professional supported team.They will receive and reply messages on your behalf and handle visitors and callers.

PowerPoint Presentation: Recurring Expenses : You don't have additional recurring monthly expenses such as paying for repair, maintance and utility bills etc.

PowerPoint Presentation: Saving Time : You can save more time by choosing Business center to start up your business.

PowerPoint Presentation: To know more about our services contact us here : Southfield Rd Hinckley Leicestershire LE10 1UB, United Kingdom [email protected] 01455 6336661

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