Becoming a Travel & Hospitality Professional

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Industry Series: Becoming a Travel & Hospitality Professional : 

Learn about possible career directions and developing your career identity. Industry Series: Becoming a Travel & Hospitality Professional

Discussion Objectives : 

Discussion Objectives Career direction The Role of Education Personal Branding for a Travel/Hospitality Professional The role of technology in developing your brand Entrepreneurship

Where are the jobs? : 

Where are the jobs? Professional Operations management, finance, accounting, human resources, customer relations, marketing, food science Corporate Marketing, business development, human resources, training, quality assurance, real estate, accounting, purchasing Entrepreneurial Owner, operator, franchisor, franchisee Career Direction

Travel / Hospitality Career Critical Success Factors : 

Travel / Hospitality Career Critical Success Factors Be Ready When Opportunity Knocks Network to foster Opportunity Explore all of your Options! Set your Career Goals (1 yr., 3 yr., 5 yr., 10 yr.) Continuous Personal & Professional Skill Development Get certifications to further develop your credentials Continue your education (Masters, Ph. D. & Beyond…) Build your personal Brand… (What???) Be devoted to service excellence 100% of the time Career Direction

Travel & Hospitality Careers : 

Travel & Hospitality Careers 8 Key Industry Attributes to keep in mind: Career Direction

The Down Side : 

The Down Side Long hours Split Shifts Nights & weekends Nontraditional schedules Pressure Low beginning salaries Frequent relocation Career Direction

Travel and Tourism Industries : 

Travel and Tourism Industries Career Direction

Hospitality Industries : 

Hospitality Industries Career Direction

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Career Direction EXAMPLE:

Restaurant Industry Positions : 

Banquet manager Bartender/cocktail server Broiler cook Bus Person Counter person Dining room manager Dishwasher Executive chef Expediter Food & beverage director Food server Fry/Sauté cook Host/hostess Kitchen manager Pantry cook Pastry chef Restaurant manager Sous Chef Storeroom person Unit manager Career Direction Restaurant Industry Positions

Lodging Careers : 

Lodging Careers Career Direction

Chain Operations : 

Chain Operations Better training More opportunities for advancement Better benefits Frequent relocation More control by management Bonus plans impact pay Career Direction

Independent Operations : 

Independent Operations More chances to be creative More control Better learning environments Less job security Fewer chances for advancement Harder to market and sell Career Direction

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The Role of Education Why do I need a degree? Why did I choose to go back to school? How do I make my degree work for me? OK, I have a degree… why should I continue with my education? Have you ever asked yourself…

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The Role of Education

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Personal Branding for a Travel/Hospitality Professional The Brand Called You Top 10 Essential Steps to Self Branding Yourself as a Travel & Hospitality Professional Self Assessment: Keirsey Personality & Personality Type Have a Signature Look: Have a Trademark & VistaPrint Build Resume: Optimal Resume or Build Cover Letters: Obtain Letters of Reference: Instructors, Managers, etc… Create a Mantra: How to develop a Mantra Secure & Develop your Website: Wordpress or Become an Expert at something! Blog: Hubpages Develop your Marketing Plan. Promote yourself!!! Online: Linkedin Offline: Portfolio

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The role of technology in developing your brand There is so much to learn… so little time!!!

Becoming an Entrepreneur (Resources) : 

Becoming an Entrepreneur (Resources) Start your own business guides Restaurant Business Magazine Small Business Administration Free SBA Training Food Franchises or Restaurant Franchises Travel Franchises One last word of advice: Monetize your Online Efforts Entrepreneurship

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Title: Day in the Life of the Traveler Studies have shown that 59% of customers would not do business with a company after just one bad experience. This makes it critical for travel companies to create differentiated experiences. The "Day in the Life of the Traveler" demo reveals many opportunities to turn customer insights into loyalty. Free Subscription… “Click Here”

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